LTN Live Video Cloud

Infinite-capacity live video management. Expand your digital audience reach and increase engagement with limitless live video acquisition, routing, and distribution through the cloud.

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Break through feed chaos

Limitless live video acquisition, routing, and distribution

In a digital universe of ubiquitous content creation and consumption, maintaining relevance depends on a powerful solution that can handle limitless inputs and outputs while engaging audience contributors.

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Scalable live video router and intuitive software

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Globally spread ingest network

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Ad-hoc usable transcoded and passthrough engines

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How Live Video Cloud works

A decentralized, versatile routing workflow

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Accelerate deployment with fast, flexible setup

Configure productions conveniently, to spec, and in minutes, even without engineering knowledge or resources. Access our fully browser-based control from anywhere in the world.

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Acquire unlimited concurrent live feeds

Invite internal and audience contributors to send live streams from any location with any source: professional cameras, encoders, mobiles, drones, and online sources. Our globally spread ingest network ensures reliable content acquisition.

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Route content to unlimited outputs

Curate acquired signals within a continuous playback multiview and distribute content wherever you need it to be at once — to multiple digital destinations and within the broadcast infrastructure.

Command the future

Command the future of video with Live Video Cloud

  • Digital content aggregation
    Increase your routing capacity to aggregate and distribute growing numbers of input and output feeds.

  • Digital audience growth
    Expand your digital audience reach. Earn more top-line ad revenue.

  • Fan activation
    Empower audiences to easily become part of your program. Increase content engagement and value.

Possibilities, maximized

Discover more flexibility, scalability, and monetization. Explore the IP-powered services ecosystem backed by the revolutionary LTN Network.

  • Centralized production
  • Ad signaling and insertion
  • Reliable transmission
Command the future

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We'll show you how to scale and simplify even the most complex aggregation and distribution workflows.