News broadcast solutions

LTN® live video solutions empower media networks and teams with flexible, broadcast-quality capabilities to deliver more news to more places, for greater audience engagement and monetization.

Flawless, limitless broadcast delivery

Send, receive, share — anytime, anywhere

Harness the ability to deliver limitless live news feeds with the world’s fastest and most reliable IP multicast transport. Deliver infinite possibilities for broadcasters, studios, contributors, and audiences.

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Reliably send and receive content to multiple locations, in multiple formats, worldwide

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Harness feed aggregation, real-time contributions, RTC support, and live social publishing workflows

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Enable content sharing between stations

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Reduce capital expenditure for global delivery vs. satellite and fiber

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More news feeds, more possibilities

Streamline and scale live content feed management

News can happen anytime, anywhere. Featuring an intuitive routing interface, the LTN Live Video Cloud high-capacity media command console streamlines and scales the management of live video from acquisition to distribution, from any source to every destination.

Home studio is the new studio

Connect with confidence from thousands of locations, in seconds

Enable and expand your remote studio contributors with broadcast-quality transmission. LTN OU Transport operates on the 99.999% reliable LTN Network, with always-on TOC support, for more flexibility and peace of mind.

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Prime time, every time

Explore an integrated, IP-based solution

Whether you’re looking for infinitely scalable broadcast solutions, greater contributor flexibility, increased audience engagement, or more efficient workflows, LTN’s fully managed services are engineered to enable broadcasters, studios, and contributors with seamless, IP-powered possibilities.

Ready to harness LTN news broadcast solutions?

Deliver more broadcast-quality news to more audiences, with greater opportunities for engagement and monetization.

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Deliver on the latest broadcast innovations that meet today's demands