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Discover the people and the partnerships behind the proprietary LTN Network and the LTN Ecosystem of fully managed solutions, all designed to help our customers successfully navigate a constantly evolving media landscape.

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starting right from our own home

LTN was born where many great ideas are born — in good company, at the dining room table.

The conversation that took place in 2007 among the co-founders of LTN ignited a movement of groundbreaking possibilities and innovation. As the small team hypothesized the digital world to come — focused on reliable, limitless, IP-powered transmission beyond the public internet — the idea of the LTN Network began to take shape.

When our customers push us, great things happen

After nearly three years of innovation and invention, we set out to prove the value of our network to our very first client, a New York-based broadcast network affiliate. On June 24, 2010, we watched our IP network flawlessly transport remote interviews from a network affiliate station in Alabama directly to the network’s studio in NYC.

By successfully challenging the status quo of traditional broadcast delivery, we drew the attention of the industry. We demonstrated a reliable solution, replacing satellite and fiber, while avoiding packet loss, which had been a major problem with transporting video over the internet. Today, this remains an obstacle that LTN continues to successfully eliminate for customers. 

LTN has been empowering media companies all over the world with a new way to deliver content reliably and rapidly over IP. We became a partner that would build an Ecosystem of solutions needed to compete in a digital world, while continuing to also cater to traditional, linear broadcast.

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“In those early days, our customers were as much founders of LTN as we were. They pushed us to get into areas where they needed help.”
– Malik Khan, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

In the company of innovators

Malik Khan

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

For nearly 40 years, Malik Khan has been a visionary leader within the network technology industry, successfully bringing to market and growing high-quality, highly differentiated products and services. Prior to co-founding LTN in 2008, Malik held top executive roles at Motorola, Sitara Networks, Converged Access, and NexTone.

Yousef Javadi

Co-Founder, President & CEO

An accomplished leader in the telecom, networking, and IP tech spaces, Yousef Javadi has more than 40 years experience establishing, acquiring, and growing global B2B and B2C businesses. Prior to co-founding LTN, Yousef held several senior executive positions, including as President of Sprint International, President of Primus Telecom, and Head of Global Services at MCI.

Yair Amir

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Yair Amir is a recognized expert, inventor, and award-winning researcher who has spent nearly 40 years engineering reliable, secure distributed systems and networks. In addition to co-founding LTN in 2008, Yair has engineered several communication systems, a first-of-its-kind replication engine, and an intrusion-tolerant SCADA for the power grid.

Where we’ve been

Tapping into linear roots, with a focus on digital growth

The success of our core LTN Network turned into a launching point for an entire Ecosystem of transformative digital media solutions. For over 15 years, we’ve innovated with media companies who trust us to reliably create, customize, scale, and deliver their news, live events, and other high-value content to their audiences, everywhere. Today, we provide our customers with fully managed services, supported by our always-on technical operations center (TOC), responsible for closely monitoring the health of every workstream and delivering peace of mind.

“Being here since 2015, I’ve learned a lot. But I am part of a team. The team is what’s critical to LTN — not just one person.”
– Thomas Maszczenski, TOC Manager











An idea for the LTN Network

The idea to deliver broadcast content over the internet is born and the engineering of an IP network begins.

Successful testing

We successfully build, test, and file for hundreds of patent claims for our proprietary global transport network.

Our first customer

Our first customer, a New York-based network affiliate in need of OU transport, successfully transmits broadcast-quality video over our IP network.

Global expansion

Our network starts to spread internationally as we announce the availability of broadcast-quality video transmission throughout all of Europe.

New technical operations center

Our technical support crew of one grows into the full team that now supports our 24/7 TOC, giving our customers always-on support and monitoring.

LTN cloud launch

LTN Cloud Access is launched, providing a reliable, easy, and cost-effective way to distribute live, linear broadcast content via the cloud.

Niles Media Group acquisition

LTN acquires Niles Media Group, pros in content creation and TV remote production, offering the benefit of complete and seamless workflows.

Crystal acquisition

LTN acquires Crystal, a software provider automating monitoring, control and metadata management, to offer new monetization opportunities.

Make.TV acquisition

Make.TV is acquired by LTN, enabling customers to add transformation workflows for monetization on traditional broadcast and digital platforms.

New Kansas City production facility

We open our state-of-the-art facility in Kansas City, creating a new home for LTN production.

LTN Flex launch

LTN Flex is announced, bringing game-changing cost savings through LTN Flex, a fully integrated solution for end-to-end video production and transport.

LTN Wave launch

The launch of LTN Wave provides customers with the benefits of IP distribution while maintaining existing satellite-driven workflows.

DTAGS acquisition

LTN acquires DTAGS, strengthening the Ecosystem with a portfolio of scalable 4K remote production and transmission workflows.

10 years of zero downtime

LTN reaches an impressive milestone of an entire decade of uninterrupted service of the Network, touting 99.999% reliability.

LTN Target launch

With the launch of LTN Target, we enable media companies to generate addressable advertising and maximize the value of their ad inventory.

LTN Lift launch

LTN Lift is launched, offering a cloud-based playout solution for the automated creation of live, linear channels to reach cross-platform audiences.

LTN Arc launch

We bring the world LTN Arc to enable media brands to repurpose and decorate centralized feeds and customize live event streams.

1,000,000 bookings

We celebrate our 1 millionth booking on the LTN Network during a live soccer game between Arsenal de Sarandí and Gimnasia La Plata in Argentina’s Liga Profesional de Fútbol.

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“We’ll always be listening to our customers, thinking about how our solutions can fit into what they need. We do everything in a very thoughtful manner, so that what we do isn’t just there for the market, but meets LTN standards.”
– Michal Miskin-Amir, EVP of Development

Where we’re
innovating next

While we reflect on our successes, we also look ahead to the future. We will continue to support and inspire the world’s media companies to think beyond the limits of what they believed was possible with holistic, efficient solutions.

Our goal is to have ready the technology and solutions for the exact moment our customers need them, especially as they focus their attention on scalability, customization, and automation. The continued architecture of our solutions requires flexibility, thoughtfulness, and careful consideration of how each component fits together in our Ecosystem and how we support the journey and success of our customers.

Imagine it. Join us.
Make it happen.

“Each day is very special because we learn things, we add things, we build things. I call it a never-ending journey because there are always problems to solve and we think of ourselves as one of the better groups of problem solvers in this domain.”
– Malik Khan, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
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