Ad signaling and targeted transformation

Fully managed linear metadata services designed for today’s platforms and advertising demands

Simplify signal decoration

LTN Signal solutions enable greater monetization and content transformation

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Accurate ad and promo segment replacement

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Program blackouts based on regional restrictions

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Correct overlays of graphics and audiotracks

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Automation of VOD file creation from linear programs

Flawless interoperability

On-premises metadata insertion service

LTN Connect deploys in existing broadcast environments, then tailors linear metadata decoration to conform to your specific workflow and requirements.

People connecting through video
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Disrupt competition, not workflow

In-network metadata insertion and video delivery

LTN Cue simplifies channel management with advanced advertising and content replacement workflows, without requiring additional hardware.

LTN Signal | Transforming the future of video

More metadata, more revenue

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Advanced blackout management

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Content regionalization

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Graphic and audiotrack overlays

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Automated VOD file creation

Linear channel distribution, simplified and combined

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No additional hardware to deploy

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Scales to multiple SCTE 35 profiles

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Facilitates OTT platform advertising

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Compatible with any playout

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Eliminates multiple cloud playout fees

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24/7 NOC monitoring and support

Capabilities, maximized

Connect to new audiences, platforms, and revenues. Explore our fully integrated, universal technology ecosystem, backed by the LTN Network.

  • Centralized production
  • Digital publishing and monetization
  • Targeted delivery
Maximized capabilities

Experience greater content transformation