LTN Connect

Flawless metadata signaling and ad-break marker insertion, simplified

Drive new revenue growth with Connect

Capitalize on new opportunities with efficiency and automation

Connect helps you efficiently create multiple versions of your channel with the right linear metadata to meet the most advanced advertising and channel customization requirements.

For broadcasters
LTN network

Enable ad insertion and blackouts

Simplify channel management with signaling for advanced advertising and reliable content replacement to enable revenue growth — without hardware upgrades or workflow changes.

Empower your channel

Easily scale distribution

Cue and Connect are two fully managed metadata solutions that help channels expand distribution across new platforms for greater reach and revenue.

Empower your channel

Flawless metadata signaling and ad-break marker insertion, simplified

Connect delivers a smart set of services that deliver higher ROI on more channels.

  • Inserts usable ad-break markers to monetize previously undecorated channels
  • Normalizes, modifies, and expands markers to process more ad inventory
  • Increases the viability of international and rights-constrained channels via alternate feeds
  • Builds richer advertising inventory supply partnerships
Connect For vmvpds

Streamline and simplify monetization

Get more customized, on-premise capabilities, without disrupting infrastructure

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Decoration syntax or syntaxes are chosen based on distribution destination requirements

Icn signal connect how 02


Decoration logic, based on source and destination data requirements, is implemented

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Each piece of equipment is preconfigured to your unique specifications

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After thorough testing and deployment, Connect is fully managed by the always-on LTN TOC

The linear metadata

Turn complex workflows into revenue engines

Download the Connect solution sheet and learn how to simplify channel management, scale distribution, and drive new revenue growth.

Connect to larger audiences and higher ROI

The LTN Ecosystem of fully managed, end-to-end solutions empowers channels with greater efficiency, scale, and monetization opportunities including:

  • On-premises production
  • Cloud video acquisition
  • Cloud delivery
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