LTN Support

Always-on expertise, dedicated support, and a deep understanding of the work you do — we strive to be a valuable extension of your operations.

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Powered by reliability and trust

Global Tier 1 broadcasters depend on LTN Support to manage their mission-critical channels. We’re ready and available whenever you need us.

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Managed service partnership

LTN managed service and support deliver on business goals, scaling operations, and optimizing ROI in today’s complex market.

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IP and broadcast expertise — on one call

We have our own service layers of support. Our dedicated professionals at our always-on technical operations center (TOC) are experts in media technology transformation.

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Beyond outsourcing

LTN goes beyond outsourcing operations and technology with trust, accountability, and collaboration that maximizes reliability and efficiency for every customer.

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Diversity of experience

Whether your channel is event-based, linear, digital, or full-time, our experts have a deep industry understanding to explain resolutions clearly in terms that make sense.

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Transparency in
every ticket

Our support process extends our visibility into your ecosystems for faster, more effective issue resolution, while giving you more visibility into your tickets — including clear, comprehensive documentation.

Support is in our DNA

We build and support our technology for a partner experience like no other

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Catherine Gonzalez Pack

SVP, Operations

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Rich Rozycki

VP, Onboarding and Logistics

2023 Matija Tonejc v2

Matija Tonejc

VP, Technical Services

LTN 23 Jeff Jones v1

Jeff Jones

Sr. Director, Incident Management, Data Analytics, & Project Management

Rob Farmer TOC

Rob Farmer

Sr. Director, Tier 3 Operations

Jeff Zimmerman TOC

Jeff Zimmerman

Director, TOC

Supporting your digital growth

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The  bridge between digital and linear

Empowerment and efficiency by design

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Faster, data-driven decisions

A continuous learning model drives more intelligent resolutions that are critical for today’s broadcasters

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Empowerment and efficiency by design

Opex-focused technology frees up your resources to focus on creative tasks and reaching new audiences

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Shape the future of your operations with LTN

Our partnership helps you fast-track your time to market and secure consistent growth at scale. And that’s just what we can do now, with a foundation of unified technology and service layers to build on — together, we can evolve.

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