LTN OU Transport

The occasional-use, IP-powered transmission solution that delivers broadcast-quality content when you need it.

Ou transport part time

On-demand performance

Route exactly what you need, only when you need it

LTN® OU Transport enables repeatable, broadcast-quality transmission with flexible frequency — delivered on the fully managed and monitored LTN Network.

Drive more diversified revenue at scale

Expand your programming — and target more ads to niche audiences — through our network of over 3,000 locations, including public clouds.

Ou transport richer

Go live anytime with OU Transport

Flexible transmission solutions on an SLA-backed multicast network

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Seamless setup

OU Transport comes fully configured for plug-and-play performance.

No installation tech required.

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Always-on NOC

Get real-time, actionable insights into every live feed, with always-on support

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99.999% reliability

LTN is a leader in broadcast-quality live video transmission with <200 ms latency*

*In North America; <300 ms worldwide; across the LTN Network

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Integration with LTN Schedule via LTN Portal

Book sources for today, or in the future. Schedule feeds through the LTN Portal or via API so you can manage all bookings in one place — instantly. The solution also features seamless integration with public cloud live video exchanges like AWS.

Scale and monetize efficiently with the LTN Ecosystem

Explore the integrated services of our universal media technology ecosystem, backed by the LTN Network.

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Ready to experience OU Transport?

Harness occasional-use, broadcast-quality IP transmission, exactly when you need it.