LTN® Arc is a fully managed service that handles every aspect of versioning for live events — so you can publish them across every platform to grow reach and revenue.

Retain rights to your content

No third-party software required

Monetize events without the expense of third-party software. LTN Arc seamlessly integrates and scales with your existing technology so you can earn more revenue with your content, with less impact on the bottom line.

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Optimize reach and ROI

Make every event an asset

LTN Arc is a single, scalable, fully managed solution that makes large-scale versioning easy. Quickly capture new revenue from every event production.

Flexible. Scalable. Customizable.

Designed to intuitively scale with your business, LTN Arc handles large-scale ingest, aggregation, normalization, egress, and monitoring — enabling you to reach diversified global audiences with unique content.

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Seamless flexibility and interoperability

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Multiple SCTE marker insertion

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Multi-track audio management

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Versioning and feed decorating

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Delivery to downstream services

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Optional add-ons like voice-over and active video clipping

Maximize content with LTN Arc

Connecting new audiences with your existing content is faster and easier with LTN Arc. Chat with one of our experts to see how the solution can help you achieve a more seamless digital transformation.

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Always-on event management and support

Tap into LTN Arc's fully managed LTN technical and event support that enables flawless versioning of live events for greater peace of mind.

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Always-on technical support

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Managed service with a dedicated technical project manager

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Seamless access to LTN tools and technology

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Deep metadata and production expertise

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Innovation by design: the LTN Ecosystem

Upgrade to our proprietary, fully managed solution for limitless efficiency, flexibility, and scale.

The LTN Ecosystem is a fully managed, end-to-end IP-powered transport, signaling, and production suite that helps broadcasters maximize emerging platforms, technologies, and audience trends — to drive new revenue opportunities.

Ready to experience LTN Arc?

Automate more content monetization opportunities and deliver more accurate segment replacement across the LTN Network