LTN Flex

Simplify complex productions. Scale major events. Monetize more possibilities.

Flex engineered with tomorrow

Flexibility and scalability

Engineered with tomorrow’s capabilities for today’s realities

LTN® Flex is a broadcast quality, highly customizable, and centralized video production service operating on the LTN Network. Simplify scheduling, reduce location expenses, and optimize your production spend — so that you can deliver more content, more often, and with less investment.

How Flex works

Industry-leading flexibility and cloud enablement — from pre- to post production — for sports, esports, entertainment, news, horse racing, and more.

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Shoot anything, anytime, anywhere

Harness the power of the LTN Network by transporting any number of feeds back to our centralized hubs.

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99.999% reliability, 100% remote

All signals are transmitted at lightning speed to our centralized production facility with eyes-on-glass monitoring.

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Improve quality, increase revenue

Our remote team integrates all aspects of the production — from graphics insertion to advertising insertion — as seamlessly as if they were right there with you.

Consistency and reliability

Upgrade your remote production expectations

Whether it’s a local sports event or a nationally distributed show, high-stakes remote productions demand higher standards. Eliminate the variables associated with on-site crews or equipment and count on our dedicated team of production industry leaders — always available to deliver their knowledge and expertise from your first job to your next.

Expert in-house staff includes directors, technical directors, graphic artists, and sound engineers.
Upgrade remote production

Smooth productions, stellar shows

Harness LTN Flex centralized resources across programs and venues

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Cutting-edge facility

30,000-square-foot production center with state-of-the-art control rooms and always-on TOC

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Transmission backhaul

Incomparably reliable, secure, and ultra-low-latency video transport

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Remote and on-site logistics

From power, parking, and transmission scheduling to day-of coordination with thousands of venues across the country

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Element management

LTN coordinates and preps all production elements, directing equipment allocation to confirm timely arrival and delivery

What customers are saying

  • “We have been impressed with their ability to come up with cutting-edge solutions to our production needs while staying within our budget."

    "Learfield has partnered with LTN Create over the last several years on large production and distribution packages for Missouri State, Iowa State, James Madison, Duquesne, and others. They bring the expertise and flexibility to handle various production options and transmission methods."

    Jim Buckle, Manager of Video and Television Media, Learfield
  • “The LTN Flex team are game-changers for college athletics. They take game production to the same level as the best cable and satellite sport television providers. They are such a valuable asset."

    Craig Doty, Head Basketball Coach, Emporia State University

Ready to win with Flex?

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