Monitor and control your network with ease and full visibility, regardless of equipment or workflow

Improve your network’s resilience and reliability

LTN M&C is a powerful, comprehensive monitoring and control solution, with built-in business intelligence, automation, and security.

Intuitive dashboard

Gain network health transparency at a competitive total cost of ownership.

Improve your network

Take control of your network

Whether you’re transporting data via the LTN Network, satellite, OTT, or terrestrially, LTN M&C makes end-to-end monitoring, control, and automation easy.

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Gain insight into your network

View your entire network from a unified, user-friendly dashboard.

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Quickly identify the root causes of issues

Predict and detect system failures, and drill down to individual devices for detailed analysis.

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Avoid signaling interruptions

Use real-time equipment data to drive fault protection, site diversity switching, automatic power control, and more.

LTN Command | From monitoring to advertising

Optimize visibility

Harness essential insights across your operations

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Monitor devices at scale

LTN has developed thousands of device interfaces. We continuously expand our library with a proven process for creating and validating device/API support packages.

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Flexibly manage security

Diverse restriction capabilities enable you to define security levels and control access to any quantity, types, or portions of devices — or entire systems.

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Access meaningful reports

LTN M&C records all activity, including operator/UI interactions, in a robust database available for reporting via a simple web browser.

Ready to see M&C network insights?

Get scalable monitoring and control across all your devices and systems.