LTN Schedule

Combine live and file-based content on linear TV

LTN Schedule provides playout automation for integrating live segments with scheduled programming.


Capture new audiences on more platforms

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Spin-up linear programs more efficiently

With a mix of live and file-based segments

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Monetize content and increase revenue

With API-connected, automated ad-break events

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Extend audience and brand reach

With broadcast video playout for multi-destination publishing

Manage live and recorded assets — easily

Effortlessly combine live and file-based content into a linear channel experience

Manage live and recorded assets easily
Live meets VOD

Extend audience and brand reach

Efficiently broadcast to multiple platforms at once with playout automation. Reach untapped audiences by activating unused or file-based content into new linear channels with programmable, custom ad-break triggers.

More efficient by design

With Schedule, you can create and monetize new channels without increasing your engineering headcount or making equipment upgrades.

  • Intuitive, zero-hardware SaaS playout solution
  • Rapid deployment with easy implementation
  • Support for inband SCTE-35 ad-break events
  • Competitive per-target cost structure
  • Fully browser-based with 24/7 support, deep monitoring, and transparency
Schedule key features

Create more opportunities for growth

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Flexibly transition from capex to opex

Leverage existing infrastructure with interoperable cloud-based solutions

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Deploy the LTN Ecosystem to reach diverse digital audiences

Enable end-to-end solutions from one platform for higher revenue

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Monetize archived content

Deliver higher ROI with more channels

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Broadcast to multiple platforms for less

Cloud-based playout automation enables more efficient versioning

Deliver higher ROI with the LTN Ecosystem

Schedule integrates seamlessly with the full-video-chain services of the LTN Ecosystem.

  • LTN Lift - Playout with automated versioning to reach cross-channel audiences.
  • LTN Create - White-glove production of sports, news, and entertainment

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