Ensuring success in your live event broadcasting strategy

February 6, 2024 by Mike Burk, General Manager, Managed Solutions

The upcoming Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers promises to be an epic clash between two great teams and a testament to the growing popularity of live sports events globally. The Super Bowl is consistently the most-watched televised event of the year in the United States, with 115 million tuning in last year alone, and is expected to only rise further.

Major live sports have always been the pinnacle of live event broadcasting. From the World Series to the UEFA Champions League Final, it is almost always guaranteed to be a spectacle for audiences. The rapid rise of technology in broadcasting has added to the appeal where technological innovation has driven higher quality, immersive live viewing experiences. The rapid growth of sports streaming has also opened new ways for audiences to enjoy live event experiences, and we are seeing more evolution constantly.

The transformation in the space has meant that media organizations must continually evolve their live event broadcasting models to keep up with rapid growth and increased audience demand. But to unlock its true monetization potential, media leaders need to ensure that their live event broadcasting strategies reflect the current attitudes of the market. These strategies must focus on navigating the challenges to unlock opportunities that increase audience reach and monetization.

Harnessing the potential of an IP-distribution approach

Major live events require the flexibility to adapt quickly and seamlessly to any changes. It makes sense for organizations to integrate an IP-based delivery within any business strategy to reap the rewards of their live event broadcasting. IP-based technology boasts many advantages as it has minimal hardware requirements and needs very little engineering input on the ground.

IP transport is scalable, agile, cloud-based infrastructure that makes it easy to manage workflows and can be spun up or down to reflect capacity as needed. This advantage is critical for sports broadcasters as they can easily adjust to changing circumstances and maximize resources. Flexible and efficient, IP workflows can be set up quickly to manage short-notice live delivery requests and accessed on-site or remotely. This is perfect for sports organizations of any size in today’s fast-moving environment.

Through managed, multicast-enabled IP transport, broadcasters benefit from greater reach, business intelligence, and automation, driving ROI and fueling new global audience engagement opportunities.

A live event versioning strategy to fuel customization at scale

We are in an exciting era for sports broadcasting. Content versioning tools empower media organizations to pursue a modern media distribution strategy. Despite juggling shrinking resources and pressures on internal teams, harnessing content versioning tools enables sports organizations to create multiple versions of content to drive viewer engagement and increase ad revenues.

Content versioning tools are creating viewing experiences that truly resonate and engage audiences. For example, sports fans across North America can tune in to home or away versions of most games to experience the action from their team’s perspective. Leading sports broadcasters and streaming providers are driving success by delivering better live game experiences through alternative commentary and analysis that cater to the evolving preferences of the audience.

To generate this engagement and monetization potential, media organizations in the live sports ecosystem need the right technology with the flexibility and capabilities to make it possible. LTN Arc enables media companies to handle every step of a major live event across multiple platforms. In a rapidly changing and demanding market, LTN Arc oversees all aspects of feed decoration. LTN handles decoration, ad insertion, and more, spinning up hundreds of versions at once, which are then sent back over the LTN Network, reaching their destination seamlessly.

LTN Arc is easily integrated into any business model. It can spin up and version on-demand game feeds, providing opportunities to reach new audiences and monetize content. Fully managed versioning for live events, fewer people, and less equipment means that media companies can significantly reduce their CapEx investment and achieve operational excellence without sacrificing quality.

LTN Arc leverages automation plus a team of experts to create high-quality content with fewer resources. Optimizing production spend means leagues, teams, and rights holders can deliver more content faster without investing in infrastructure or staff. This fully managed model is agile and scalable, able to flex up and down with your needs.

Driving revenue with the right technology partner

Re-imagining your live event broadcast strategy can be complex. Any sports media organization has only seconds to decorate live content with graphics and voiceovers, add highlights, insert ad triggers and watermarks, and distribute it to hundreds or thousands of receive points, and a high number of feeds can cause challenges. As the industry and technology continue to change, critical thinking and planning will always be needed, meaning that teaming with a trusted technology partner has become an increasingly attractive option.

The right technology partner can do the heavy lifting and give you that critical support you seek. With the built-in business intelligence and interconnected technologies and services, LTN has the experience and foresight to ensure media leaders can unleash the potential of their live event broadcasting strategy with cutting-edge versioning technology.

With round-the-clock expertise and dedicated support, LTN delivers the reliability and trust critical for business growth. A trusted technology partner will play a pivotal part in the live event journey, as it empowers organizations to secure their long-term success to thrive amid today’s fiercely competitive market.

Staying ahead of the live game

There are no second chances when it comes to live, and having a robust roadmap in place and embracing innovative technology will see you make great strides forward. At LTN, we have leading experience in the live event space, and we keep our finger on the pulse to provide media organizations with industry-leading technology that reflects the market's needs and powers business success. Live events like sports are hot property, but to maximize global reach and value, media organizations need a winning technology partner to drive them to long-term business success.

If you want to learn more about how to create, manage, version, and distribute live events and sports broadcasting for more significant monetization potential, schedule a demo with us today.