Content replacement and ad enablement with intelligent IP distribution

January 9, 2024 by Dr. Nilo Rivera, SVP, Product Management

Major media companies around the world are increasingly adopting an IP-first roadmap to future-proof their video distribution strategies. As audiences embrace an explosion of digital platforms at an accelerated pace, content providers need flexible and scalable video transport solutions to drive monetization across any platform while simplifying complex distribution workflows.

IP-based video transport has been tested and proven as a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to legacy satellite or fiber-based workflows. Every day, world-leading media organizations are harnessing IP transport for the contribution and distribution of high-value full-time channels and major live events. As our industry’s shift to IP distribution picks up speed, business leaders need less convincing of the core benefits of moving to IP — organizations are becoming increasingly interested in exploring the new levels of business intelligence, flexibility, and monetization opportunities enabled by fully managed IP transmission.

Underpinned by LTN’s proprietary, multicast-enabled global IP network that delivers 99.999% reliability, ultra-low latency, and high SLAs, LTN Wave is helping media businesses future-proof their video distribution while supporting an entire ecosystem of advanced content customization and monetization workflows. Intelligent content replacement, rights management, and ad enablement capabilities built into the transmission network are unlocking huge opportunities for forward-thinking media brands in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

Grow your channel monetization with seamless ad enablement

Broadcasters are looking for ways to reach new audiences across digital platforms — both domestically and internationally. However, distributing and effectively monetizing core linear assets across digital platforms, FAST services, and wider global markets isn’t always straightforward. Pursuing a successful multi-platform distribution strategy requires advanced ad signaling and metadata insertion tools to create the specific ad profile required for your ad-enabled channel across multiple different platforms. Affiliate distribution agreements with their associated ad splits are constantly evolving and vary from partner to partner. Automated technologies that tie together a complex and fragmented ad ecosystem while driving downstream monetization with advanced SCTE insertion are simplifying ad enablement across any viewing platform — and helping content owners monetize previously undecorated channels.

One major state broadcaster is already harnessing fully managed, IP-based transmission with built-in, intelligent ad enablement capabilities to unlock new channel monetization potential. By taking a non-commercial channel with typical break structures, distributing it outside their territory and monetizing it with advertising across FAST platforms, the broadcaster can reach untapped digital audiences while driving never before realized ad revenue streams. Whether you’re a state broadcaster looking to monetize content internationally — or a commercial broadcaster eager to expand your distribution beyond traditional linear TV and across newer digital platforms — a flexible, IP-based distribution network that delivers seamless ad enablement and metadata signaling is critical to unlocking your next phase of growth.

Content replacement to simplify rights management

An ever-increasing number of viewing platforms and growing rights fragmentation means modern media distribution is more complicated than ever. Content providers need agile tools to simplify multi-platform distribution while driving operational efficiency. Powered by an IP-first roadmap, forward-thinking media companies are now bringing intricate workflows like content replacement and blackout/rights management directly into the transmission network to enable complex business rules — and it’s easier than you might think.

One of the major US broadcast television networks is harnessing flexible IP distribution with new content replacement innovation for its network affiliates, enabling the seamless replacement of live programming to adhere to intricate rights management agreements at a tremendous scale. Empowering content owners to easily switch sources and swap out entire programs can simplify large-scale rights management issues and unlock game-changing efficiencies for shrinking operational teams.

Driving business outcomes with intelligent IP distribution

Through a fully managed IP distribution network like LTN Wave, content providers can seamlessly harness a range of next generation ad enablement, rights management, and content replacement features to streamline operations and maximize monetization streams. IP-based transmission also underpins new cloud-enabled content versioning capabilities to create multiple language-tailored, platform-specific versions of live event feeds to enable regionalization at scale — or the automated creation of multiple derivative versions of a core, full-time linear channel to empower localized storytelling across OTT and FAST platforms. By harnessing pioneering content versioning workflows, media companies can achieve mission-critical customization at scale, driving ROI on valuable content assets while serving audiences more personalized viewing experiences with relevant advertising.

Today, adopting an IP-based approach to video transport makes sense from both a technology and business perspective. While fully managed IP distribution has been extensively evaluated and chosen by major broadcast networks and media organizations as a future-proof, reliable alternative to legacy transport workflows, it’s important not to forget that the internet wasn’t initially designed to carry valuable live video at scale. Unsophisticated protocol-only IP solutions that rely on standard internet routing can suffer from delay and reliability issues. With intelligent routing protocols and proprietary infrastructure, LTN’s fully managed IP network overcomes the challenges of internet transport — and that’s why many media organizations trust us every day to bring their most valuable linear channels and premier live events to global audiences. Moving to fully managed IP grants content owners new levels of flexibility, business intelligence, and monetization — while meeting stringent demands around redundancy, quality, latency and disaster recovery.

As we approach 2024, business leaders are making big decisions about evolving legacy systems and workflows in order to secure operational efficiencies and unlock new revenue streams. Embracing an all-IP future with managed technology services and always-on support provides the stable foundations to experiment with new business models — empowering customers to focus on content and creativity while dedicated experts handle all the complexities of modern content distribution.

Kickstart your IP-based distribution future today

Managed service providers like LTN have the deep expertise, proprietary infrastructure, and market knowledge to swiftly and cost-efficiently launch or modernize content distribution models tailored to any circumstance. With interoperability at the core, LTN Wave integrates seamlessly with customer environments while supporting all major protocols and standards as required — helping media businesses minimize CapEx investment while streamlining operational costs.

Migrating to a fully managed IP network unlocks a powerful ecosystem of tools and solutions that represent a step-change in the way high value content is created, distributed, and monetized. Fortunately, the first step to getting started with IP distribution is a relatively simple one: book a demo with us today to discover how LTN Wave can power your organization’s future.