Unlock the future of media customization with flexible innovation and IP foundations

October 31, 2023 by Michal Miskin-Amir, EVP, Development

Media companies are under significant pressure as they find ways to experiment with new business models and source new revenue streams amid macro-economic challenges. Business experimentation requires technology flexibility as media leaders adapt quickly to evolving consumer habits, emerging viewing models and new digital platforms. Agile technologies are fundamental to helping content owners launch fresh services, reach new platforms, and grow their audiences.

At the same time, quality and reliability remain at the heart of any successful large media business, and they cannot be sacrificed for experimentation and flexibility. High value content and channels need to be supported by best-in-class technology. Tackling the biggest challenges in the media industry requires bold business innovation, driven by future-ready, IP-based technology foundations.

Control your destiny with proprietary innovation

LTN was born with innovation at its core. Since our company’s inception, we have created, owned and managed our technologies and services — all underpinned by our proprietary, industry-leading multicast IP transmission network. Powering a diverse and robust ecosystem of proprietary media solutions enables us to focus on continuous innovation, keeping quality and reliability at the forefront of everything we do while enhancing and modifying our technologies in line with – and ahead of – market evolution.

LTN’s unique foundations enable us to develop technologies with a customer-centric, tailored approach to solve big-picture challenges and deliver real business outcomes. Our innovation philosophy takes a partner-driven approach — as our own technology evolves and pushes new boundaries, we bring our customers forward with us along the way. While our development team works tirelessly to create and manage the mission-critical services that support our customers’ business needs, we constantly innovate to enhance and future-proof our operations to give clients peace of mind, knowing that their content is being handled and delivered by proven experts and best-in-breed tools and technologies.

Flexible IP technology fuels media customization

IP-based video transport has now matured beyond the early adoption stage; major organizations harness IP every day for global transmission of high-value full-time channels and live events. As world-leading media companies shift to an IP-first roadmap at an accelerated pace, business leaders understand IP-based transmission not only as an effective and logical alternative to legacy satellite and fiber models, but also as a transformational step to unlocking greater customization and content versioning opportunities. A scalable and flexible multicast IP transport network and automated channel versioning capabilities enable the seamless delivery of multiple channel derivatives and tailored versions of content for OTT, FAST, and other digital platforms, helping content owners reach new audiences and grow revenue streams. At the same time, IP and cloud-based innovation are fueling new technologies to support the versioning and regionalization of valuable live sports content at scale.

Delivering media customization at scale and managing increased complexity necessitates flexible, interoperable technology. An intelligent IP network enables seamless connectivity in and out of public cloud or datacenter environments as required — supporting any distribution model and individual customer requirements. Media companies need to know their technology partners provide interoperable solutions that can slot in seamlessly to existing workflows and integrate with other protocols and standards such as SRT and RIST. LTN provides access to our network scheduling via APIs to streamline customer operations and enable a frictionless user experience. Navigating the dynamic future of television isn’t about building and selling shiny walled garden technologies — it’s about unifying siloed workflows and driving efficiencies for media leaders to focus on creativity.

Shaping the future of television

As new trends emerge and industry commentators speculate on the evolving future of television, innovation should never be driven by technology for technology’s sake. Our development team is focused on pioneering answers to real-world challenges and delivering meaningful business results for customers. New disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful tools to help drive customer efficiencies, unlock new media customization potential, and support the advancement of workflows that use our core technology — the LTN Network. Even with 99.999% reliability, ultra-low latency and high SLAs, our engineering teams are continually leading development to increase the scale of our network, while building out new functionality and intelligent content replacement and rights management capabilities for our fully-managed transmission service, LTN Wave.

We understand the importance of trust and accountability. Content owners need to know that their service providers are handling valuable media properties with dedication, professionalism, and best-in-class technology. Through proactive monitoring, advanced tooling and troubleshooting, our operations teams work to identify and counter any issues before they become an observable problem. By enhancing both our internal and customer-facing monitoring features, we’re focused on driving visibility for clients via our own portal or through APIs — bolstering the commitment to integrity, trust and accountability that LTN provides as part of its fully-managed services.

As our industry accelerates into the new world of digital media, content customization remains the pivotal technology challenge – and business opportunity – facing major broadcasters, rights holders and streaming organizations today. IP-based transmission is proving itself as the essential foundational layer to enabling fine-grain media customization at a global scale. Through unique proprietary technology, deep market expertise, and a steadfast obsession with customer-centric innovation, we’re ready to help your business tackle change and capture new success.