LTN Wave

Harness reliability and efficiency at scale with a new wave of multicast transmission

The smarter alternative to satellite distribution

More flexibility, visibility, and control

LTN® Wave unites the broadcast quality of satellite with the flexibility and revenue-generating potential of IP, backed by the revolutionary LTN Network.

Ocean video recording

When you own the advantage, you own the future

LTN Wave monitors every element of the live video transmission path

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Complete visibility and control

Automatically track every element — your signal, equipment, and data — no surprises, ever

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Proven performance

LTN enables secure, high-quality delivery through the industry’s only fully monitored and managed global network — zero downtime, zero compromise

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Decades of industry experience

Expert broadcast and network engineers manage every aspect of installation and deployment

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Fully managed network

Our 24/7/365 NOC supervises all flows at all times with complete product management, including device issues and configuration settings

Transition from satellite

Transition from satellite with ease

Broadcast beyond expectations, monetize without limits

The benefits of legacy solutions, without the legacy headache
The quality, reliability, and availability of satellite, with the flexibility, scalability, and visibility of IP

99.999% reliability

Operates on a multicast backbone of expertly engineered protocols for Dynamic Multicarrier Routing and Rapid Error Recovery

Unlimited scalability

From point-to-point to point-to-multipoint distribution

Unlimited monetization

Unlimited scalability means unlimited monetization opportunities

Wave is only the beginning

Customize your channel’s capabilities for even greater scale, flexibility, and revenue growth. Tap into our fully integrated, universal media technology ecosystem, backed by the LTN Network.

  • Targeted transformation
  • Centralized production
  • Digital publishing and monetization
Wave is only the beginning

Ready to ride the Wave?

Multicast high-value content over IP — with complete reliability and control.