Satellite to IP: the path forward

There has never been a better time to transition from satellite to IP. With the dwindling availability of satellite as a result of bandwidth redistribution to 5G, the move to IP is a chance for media companies to better position themselves to meet the challenges of today and grow successfully into the future.

We understand that the shift to IP can come with hesitation — after all, it’s not just new tech, it’s a new way of thinking. Fortunately, LTN is the perfect partner to guide customers through the shifting media landscape confidently. Uniquely positioned with a foot in both the broadcast and digital worlds, LTN is the bridge that offers customers a clear path forward to greater digital transformation.

Learn how broadcasters are making the switch to IP with little change to existing workflows

We invite you to download our white paper, where you’ll discover:

  • Present and looming challenges of satellite distribution

  • Key advantages of IP distribution as a smarter alternative

  • Your best path forward for making the transition to IP

  • The unparalleled tech, partnership, and support of LTN