Empowering media operations with deeper broadcast monitoring

March 1, 2024

LTN’s continued investment in greater visibility throughout all workflows benefits customers

Navigating your media organization during disruption while delivering on growth is no small task. It requires technology, timing, and vision — all the right moves. New platforms and workflows add complexity to delivering and managing real-time and live content — from feed decoration in live sports to content replacement and ad enablement. Taking the proper steps to future-proof your media operations, particularly signal monitoring and control, will ensure success and improve your overall growth strategy.

Achieving higher network intelligence

With over 13 years of media technology experience serving Tier 1 media companies, LTN IP-based solutions are proven to create scalable efficiency and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Supported by our always-on team of broadcast and technology experts, LTN acts as a trusted extension and value-creating partner of your operations team.

As the industry’s only fully managed service that delivers and supports its own ecosystem of interoperable, end-to-end solutions, we understand the importance of enabling global customers at every touchpoint with the proper tooling, technology, and visibility to ensure flawless monitoring, proper diagnosing, and delivery of their mission-critical workflows.

As requirements to customize and version existing live content and channels become more complex, we become more proactive. Our focus is not only on best-in-class monitoring but also on providing superior service. We realize the mission-critical nature of our solutions and the value of the content we are entrusted to manage, version, and deliver. As such, our full-time team of support and broadcast experts takes responsibility for every one of our customers' workflows as they’re transported on our ultra-reliable live video multicast network to diverse destination sites worldwide. To do this successfully requires enabling maximum transparency across workflows — both for LTN’s technical operation experts but also our customers' operations teams — and optimizing that data for better decision-making.

  • From innovative data-driven analysis to custom tooling for high-priority workflows to intelligent monitoring alerts to automation, the faster and more intuitively that our customers and the LTN technical operations center (TOC) can understand what’s happening to the signal — and what options are available to take action — the better everyone can sleep at night.

  • This deeper level of visibility and control is made possible by LTN advanced monitoring, tooling, and dashboards that are baked into our interoperable technology — and it’s all fully managed. That’s the LTN difference.

Future-proofing your operations strategy

Finding your “North Star” for your operations strategy — and the technology and team to get you there — requires a partner who has a good understanding of the right tools, technologies, and trends to help take your growth to the next level but also will act as a scalable extension of your operations. Managing this level of complexity in today’s landscape is incredibly demanding and requires an elevated level of innovation and service.

This partner should have the resources and know-how to deliver reliability, efficiencies, and monetization at scale — with one eye on the future and one on the bottom line — while also positioning your organization for new opportunities, from acquiring new subscribers to reducing churn to distributing customized content to new audiences.

Empowering operations is a win-win

LTN’s focus on advanced monitoring and dashboards across complex media creation, customization, and delivery workflows is essential in helping our customers capitalize on the massive opportunities happening today.

When our customers asked for even more visibility into the various steps in the process for advanced customization and versioning our technologies enable, along with how their content moves across the LTN Network and how it’s being delivered — we listened. Our product team designed even more advanced dashboards and tooling that result in more powerful yet simplified monitoring and control for both our internal teams and customer engineering and operations teams. Combined with LTN solutions that improve network resilience and reliability, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Democratization of data is key

The LTN Network’s ability to share signal monitoring data makes it easier for more teams in more locations to make the best decisions.

By allowing our customers to access and control much of the same data as our always-on technical operations center (TOC), we empower customers to monitor, manage, and integrate it with other monitoring and tooling systems already in place across their organization.

The deep visibility also gives teams a more valuable real-time understanding — with a better ability to anticipate red flags — and identify new opportunities for distribution and optimization.

What our customers do with the alerting and analytics depends on their operational strategy and infrastructure. Critical data can be accessed by operations teams via LTN-provided dashboards or can be integrated into third-party systems via a rich set of API’s.

This ability enables teams of all sizes to solve some of the issues themselves, ultimately streamlining the process for all involved. The democratization of data helps save time and resources, giving customers back more time to focus on new growth opportunities and other areas of their business.

Solving complexity with simplicity

Through years of experience delivering, managing, and customizing all types of content and its associated rich data at scale, LTN has evolved its service offerings to meet its customers’ needs. Our team understands that complex workflows require simple monitoring. Our solutions are designed to be both intuitive and optimized for deeper visibility.

Delivering more value at scale

Through successful partnerships with Tier 1 media companies and sports organizations to deliver efficiency and revenue with our managed IP-powered solutions, LTN is uniquely positioned to future-proof operations of all sizes and deliver more value at scale — without the scaling expense.

The LTN Network’s ability for smaller teams to make faster, more automated, and more proactive decisions to diagnose and act on video feed issues — while predicting and preventing future ones — is a game changer for efficiency and signal health. Even more importantly, our proven solutions can be critical in supporting a media organization’s strategy to deliver sustainable digital growth.

We’re here to help make it all happen seamlessly. Book a demo today to discover how the LTN difference can power your organization’s future.