Revolutionizing your playout solution strategy: Fueling cross-platform success with LTN Lift

March 27, 2024 by Georg Lenzen, VP of Products

The industry is growing in complexity and competition as media companies of all sizes are under increased pressure to deliver channels quickly and cost-efficiently. But for many media leaders, efficiently delivering content at scale amidst an ever-changing landscape is a major challenge. And with every challenge, there is an opportunity. Media companies will need to identify how they can do more with less. One way to do this is to harness technology that aligns with a modern content strategy that overcomes the current hurdles and empowers them to stay ahead of the curve.

This is where our LTN Lift solution comes in. LTN has continuously enhanced its award-winning playout solution that enables media customers, particularly news-producing broadcast stations and sports networks, to automatically spin up new channels. LTN Lift’s capabilities reflect today’s market trends and drive media companies to secure long-term business success by capturing new eyeballs and fueling revenue generation.

Broadcasting in the digital age

The way that we consume media has completely transformed, and the conversations that LTN is having about the landscape are very different from what they were just a year ago. That is how fast our industry is changing. Audiences are watching from all over the world, meaning companies in this space must adapt to the current times and engage them across multiple platforms. Media companies need to ensure their content distribution strategy encompasses the ability to deliver new channels (or new versions of them) quickly and at reduced cost with more automation. Media organizations also need to juggle ways to navigate low-effort creation, live functionality, content exchange for advertising, and channel churn.

Having a technology solution that makes this possible is becoming increasingly important. LTN has kept enhancing its product portfolio, and the LTN Lift solution has seen continued investment in its functions that enable organizations to get to market quickly and start tapping into new revenue streams. LTN Lift is the perfect answer to broadcasting in the digital age as it gives customers the tools to embrace innovation that can help them build strong connections with their audience.

Automated versioning for streamlined business operations

Automation has grown in importance in recent years, ultimately changing how media companies work. The days when a runner physically carried a tape to a broadcast studio are long gone as more technological advancements have meant that organizations can reduce resources for playout and improve efficiency. With macroeconomic factors meaning that resources and time are more stretched than ever before, having the infrastructure in place that streamlines business operations is critical.

LTN Lift gives media companies a more connected system that maximizes automated versioning efficiency. Just a few years ago, this was something the industry as a whole had to do manually by deploying multiple servers, multiple air chains and lots of people. LTN has increased the automated versioning functionality of LTN Lift so that organizations can streamline a portfolio of channels, go to market quickly, meet audience trends, and tap into new revenue streams.

Greater playout solution compatibility with IP

Media companies need compatible technology to deliver new and fresh content across platforms. With LTN Lift, customers can leverage a robust, intelligent multicast IP network backbone, enabling the creation of additional channels at scale. LTN Lift further enhances operators’ capabilities with advanced signaling, facilitating distribution, and versioning across platforms without incurring extra expenses or requiring additional workforce. With the ability to swiftly launch channels, media companies seize the opportunity to generate revenue and meet new or shifted audience demands, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

LTN’s work with broadcasters has shown that offering complete workflow - and process visibility, management, and effective control of cloud functionality is extremely powerful - not just for cutting costs but also to help companies re-engineer their future and to be competitive in a noisy and demanding marketplace.

Maximizing the potential of large-scale live events

Live events have grown in appeal, especially live sports events, and the transformation in the space has meant that media organizations must continually evolve their live event broadcasting models to keep up with rapid growth and increased audience demand.

LTN Lift combines a range of LTN’s advanced playout, signaling, and video transport technologies built around LTN’s industry-leading IP video network to make large-scale live events much easier. LTN Lift enables customers to automatically create new channels in the cloud, with altered programming to fit cross-platform programming requirements or provide richer content for different audiences. LTN Lift offers a highly redundant, scalable playout solution platform with virtual super-low-latency accessibility for large-scale live events. This means that content providers can manage the service anywhere and rapidly scale up services based on evolving requirements.

LTN Lift ensures robust audio and video processing while minimizing signal conversion time. To provide just one example of how LTN is taking live to the next level, LTN Lift’s breaking live feature instantly switches the input source for all destinations to any available live stream. It can be easily used to trigger breaking live via a click of a button to publish the selected live stream, automatically wrapped with pre-configured pre-roll- and post-roll-bumpers.

Live source switching does not block the ability to modify a running playlist which is critical when flexibility in channel management matters most. As an easy-to-use feature, media companies know they have the confidence and reassurance they need to ensure their live content airs seamlessly and in the highest possible quality.

A trusted technology partner to drive business success

Media companies are actively exploring cloud-enabled content versioning solutions and leveraging advanced ad signaling technologies to drive downstream content replacement and dynamic ad insertion. These innovations empower unprecedented customization at scale. LTN Lift drives highly scalable, tailored content experiences for full-time channels and live events. The result? Enhanced monetization through efficient, automated, and scalable workflows.

But there is no need for media companies to feel they have to do it alone when in fact, partnering with a trusted service provider like LTN is a strategic move that empowers growth. With a tonnage of content - in the form of more full-time channels and live events - and a constant demand for it, LTN is uniquely positioned to provide unique services that will help customers stay ahead of the curve. With round-the-clock support and communication, LTN is a technology partner that is flexible, and adaptable to the needs of the market putting media organizations in the driving seat of their roadmap. Partnering with LTN allows you to overcome today’s challenges and propel your content distribution strategy to new heights while minimizing costs. These are the key ingredients that can fuel long-term business success.

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