Powering the broadcast services of tomorrow, today with always-on support

February 29, 2024 by Catherine Gonzalez Pack, SVP of Operations

As the media landscape continues to grow in complexity, media organizations across the value chain are faced with increased challenges to getting their content to audiences quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The right managed services provider (MSP) partner can enable media companies to accelerate their go-to-market and achieve long-term business success, while driving cost-efficiencies. Organizations turning to managed services providers to harness broadcast services not only tap into high-quality talent and technology but also deliver business-critical always-on support. MSPs that have a high level of responsibility to drive business success recognize that the industry does not stop and always-on support to safeguard high-value content is key.

Generating greater growth and innovation

MSP partnerships are constantly evolving. As organizations transition into this new media ecosystem, the right managed service partnerships offer access to broadcast services that encompass expertise, knowledge, and technology. With time and budgets tighter than ever, having a partner that can eliminate such headaches is key. Whether you’re an established industry player or a challenger brand, an MSP can help streamline your operations and provide key support either including or outside the scope of everyday responsibilities.

Media companies can access additional expertise to build capabilities that are robust enough to future proof them over time. Opting for building these capabilities in-house runs the risk of diluting their focus on the distinctive activities that matter most to their competitive advantage. Broadcast services are critical to business model reinvention. MSPs are equipped to adapt to constant change and help drive cost efficiencies and business growth.

Always-on support to empower seamless content delivery

Support is a critical component of any service offering. The media industry operates 24/7. Whether it's Hong Kong, Germany, or California, our technical operations center (TOC) is always on. We take responsibility for our customer's content to make delivery seamless and empower business success. With end-to-end monitoring and visibility, LTN has a team of always-on experts.

LTN delivers tiered support, meaning the team can always escalate to other members, emphasizing flexibility and accommodating your needs. With this key support in place, LTN ensures media companies can be in the best possible position to distribute content to multiple digital destinations within the media ecosystem. This round-the-clock support provides the assurances media companies need, allowing them to focus on what they do best - delivering high-quality content to audiences around the globe.

Today, it is more important than ever to have this support, given the plethora of digital platforms and tonnage of content. Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, with content consumption taking place across an ever-increasing range of platforms and mediums. Media companies need to identify efficient ways to meet surging consumer demand for high-value content while decreasing churn on subscription platforms. Although many major OTT platforms are building the capabilities to ingest live content scale, they need a process to centralize feeds, decorate content, and deliver customized streams of every live event to any screen.

LTN Arc solves the challenge of how to do more with less in an increasingly complex and fragmented streaming landscape. The service empowers customization and regionalization at a tremendous scale. LTN Arc allows sports leagues and organizations, OTT platforms, and broadcasters to efficiently spider web content across the world to tap into new markets, engage growing audiences, and drive additional revenue streams.

Driving business success together

LTN takes your high-value content seriously. Since our foundations, we have grown to become the global leader for producing, delivering, and customizing mission-critical content to multiple platforms for improved efficiency, scale, and monetization. We are uniquely positioned to provide these leading broadcast services because we own our technology, which empowers customers to work closely with us which empowers customers to work closely with us on building or solutioning for the future.

We have tiered levels of support so that we can be there for media companies, both end-to-end and round-the-clock. There is always an expert to help you with any requirement – we have control to support you and escalate where needed.

We stress the importance of having redundancies so we can protect your content. LTN Wave solution is another key part of our product portfolio that provides broadcasters with simplified and intelligent tools that de-risk satellite migration with end-to-end management and automatic, stress-free changeover. As the market transitions towards an IP-based approach LTN Wave, provides the power, and reliability of the LTN Network. Tapping into the media ecosystem, organizations can customize their channel’s capabilities to achieve greater scale, flexibility, and revenue growth.

It is through our technology and industry insight, that has enabled LTN to build strong partnerships based on trust and will help media companies realize their vision.

Listening to your needs

In an industry that is built on communication, it is important that any partnership with a media services provider is ready to adapt and change. The industry can pivot at a moment's notice, and media companies may have to re-strategize their approach. With time to market paramount, a partner that is flexible, and adaptable will put them in the best position to make agile decisions and use technology that can keep content owners ahead of the curve.

LTN is no exception, and as a partner, the company is open to your feedback. By listening to customer needs and constantly evolving alongside them, it provides the collaboration that is essential for success. We are invested in your business success and helping you put the fuel in the vehicle to move forward.

The LTN Ecosystem symbolizes this support by offering media companies with an interoperable constellation of solutions that enable more reliable and efficient content creation, distribution, and customization. Empowering media excellence with leading broadcast serviceshrough the LTN Ecosystem, operators benefit from the ability to reach more audiences, enhance engagement, and maximize monetization potential.

Empowering media excellence with leading broadcast services

LTN has kept its finger on the pulse of the media ecosystem, developing innovative broadcast services and technology solutions that empower media companies to deliver their content seamlessly and effectively. What was once viewed as expensive and unknown has now seen leading organizations entrust us with their high value services. LTN doesn’t take this responsibility lightly, and as a managed service provider, we work closely with you to align with your vision.

Organizations are developing a competitive edge that will be hard to beat by adopting an MSP partner approach. LTN has the infrastructure, tools, and technology to work alongside your roadmap. But it also has the trust, accountability, and foresight to ensure that it will deliver greater success for any media customer, wherever they may be on their journey.

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