Leveling up your broadcast operations with LTN Support

January 30, 2024

We consider the LTN technical operations center (TOC) an infinitely valuable asset to customer success and key to the LTN difference. Our support operators do more than troubleshoot. They are experts in the demands and inner workings of technology and broadcast, with the unique ability to meet you where you are, whatever your challenge or media workflow.

And while everyone at LTN is always behind you, there’s an elevated level of broadcast operations expertise and commitment that you can expect from the TOC.

LTN Support Staff member

Building better partnerships

LTN began innovating IP delivery in its infancy, and we learned from workflow challenges, successes, and insights early on. While every customer’s broadcast operations experience was unique, our biggest takeaway was that to be their true partner in transformation we needed to offer more than highly reliable technology — we also had to be by their side for the whole journey.

So, we built a new operating model. LTN developed a managed service to help our customers maximize their potential with the IP network and media technology solutions we created. With that unique combination of expertise and resource access, we can design a custom and fully integrated IP distribution experience. Through data-driven learning models, customer feedback, automation, and always-on support, we maintain and evolve their broadcast operations.

LTN Support Staff Members

End-to-end solutions and support

We're a technology company that is also a managed service. Our TOC expertly supports the technology we have built, regardless of where it has been deployed.

– Catherine Gonzalez Pack, SVP Operations

LTN does not limit end-to-end service in one area like transport, monitoring and control, or decoration — we do it all. However custom it is to you, from signal acquisition to signal distribution, our TOC operators understand every part of your workflow. Above all, LTN Support is a team of expert collaborators. TOC operators know that customers have different broadcast operations objectives, questions, systems, and LTN solutions — and might do everything from SCTE insertion to distribution. Our team ensures every component works seamlessly — safeguarding your mission-critical signal. And that expertise, combined with the flexibility of proprietary technology, allows us to build alarm conditions that go beyond the basics and suit your specific needs. Whether onboarding new solutions, checking system status, or addressing issue reports, we work closely with every customer to ensure that we provide the elevated experience they expect from LTN.

We embed into your unique workflow, getting to know it intimately to better communicate across our teams — including Infrastructure, Product, and Development — and accurately address the issue. That visibility into your broadcast operations extends into our ticketing process, with a portal that gives you updated documentation, insights into our approach, and clarity about our next steps. LTN TOC views every partnership as long-term, meaning that your support operators track changes and trends, adapting tooling and monitoring to evolve with what you consider most important. Our ability to innovate begins with our ability to listen, so LTN TOC teams are open to feedback and, even more importantly, act on it. We work toward your "what’s next" and provide the support you need to get there.

Broadcast experienced

We believe that having people who understand what customers are talking about — that have a broadcast operations mindset and can link it to the technology — is unbelievably vital.

– Rich Rozycki, VP, Onboarding and Logistics

We make hiring decisions based on a blend of expertise, choosing talent with experience and understanding across linear and IP, who can build connections between what’s been done — and what could be. LTN TOC support operators and leaders have worked for the world’s most reputable telecommunications, media, and broadcast organizations and bring that experience to their work with you every day. This powerful combination of skills is a rarity on any operations team — but commonplace at LTN.

As experts previously in a similar position as our customers, we share your urgency and show it in our responsiveness and speed to resolution. We have broadcast operations specialists across legacy solutions, business models, and computer programming, so you can rest assured that you are always speaking with someone who understands your challenge and will help you tackle it.

We invest time into internal professional development, ensuring that whatever their area of expertise, each of our TOC team members is as well-versed in media and broadcast operations and workflows as they are in each of our solutions.

Global presence. No timezones. No limitations.

With LTN TOC, broadcast operations support is always on and always available. Domestically and internationally, we ensure that customers can connect with someone immediately with a depth of care that is unmatched.

In one instance, an international customer introduced non-LTN equipment into their signal flow which caused disruption. While it wasn’t our hardware, it was still our customer — so we considered it our challenge. Despite being an ocean — and multiple customs processes — away, LTN TOC sent replacement gear and conducted testing on their schedule. Wherever you are, there's no team more prepared or dedicated to supporting you.

Your challenges are ours

“The team understands broadcast operations areas comprehensively — video, live events, and our own proprietary gear — to provide tailored responses and solutions for any challenge.

– Jeff Zimmerman, Director, TOC

Our solutions, tools, and monitoring create a seamless support experience, but it’s our team’s commitment to resolution that makes LTN hard to beat. Whatever the problem might be, we own it. We assess our incoming tickets, assigning them appropriately and efficiently so that we connect you with the right person the first time. We strive for first-touch resolution with an 80/20 approach — working to address 80% of your questions, issues, or challenges in our first conversation and the remaining 20% through a transparent escalation process.

Should your issue require greater attention and involvement, our team members will never make you feel like you're being passed off to the next person but will lead you confidently on your escalation path. It’s a path that won't include transfer across departments but stays with TOC advanced specialists, so you don't have to work with other teams or navigate new processes. When we say your challenges are ours, we mean it.

Whatever LTN solution best suits the demands of your business, the TOC offers the level of broadcast operations support to match it. Learn more about LTN Support and how the TOC can take you to the next level of operational excellence.