LTN OU Transport

The occasional-use, IP-powered transmission solution that delivers broadcast-quality content when you need it

Ou transport part time

Part-time transmission, full-time performance

Route exactly what you need, only when you need it

LTN® OU Transport enables repeatable, broadcast-quality transmission with flexible frequency — delivered on the fully managed and monitored LTN Network.

Richer content opportunities, bolder revenue goals

Achieve on-demand monetization and scale

Expand and diversify your programming — and target more ads to niche audiences — through our network of over 3,000 locations, including public clouds.

Ou transport richer

Go live anytime with OU Transport

Flexible transmission solutions on an SLA-backed multicast network

Icn ou 1

Quick, easy setup

OU Transport comes fully configured for plug-and-play performance. No installation tech required

Icn ou 2

Always-on NOC

Get real-time, actionable insights into every live feed, with 24/7 support

Icn ou 3

99.999% reliability

LTN is a leader in broadcast-quality SD/HD live video transmission with <200 ms latency*

*In North America; <300 ms worldwide; across the LTN Network

Ou transport scheduling

Scheduling, simplified

Schedule feeds through LTN Portal — instantly and effortlessly

  • Manage all bookings in one place
  • Book sources for today, or in the future
  • Seamlessly integrate with public cloud live video exchanges,
 like AWS

Harness the full Ecosystem

Enable your occasional-use broadcasts with more scalability, flexibility, and revenue. Explore the integrated services of our universal media technology ecosystem, backed by the LTN Network.

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Ready to experience OU Transport?

Get occasional-use, broadcast-quality IP transmission — exactly when you need it.