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Service Throughout Europe

January 12, 2011 – Savage, MD – LTN Global Communications, Inc. today announced the availability of its video transport service throughout Europe.

With its new network node in London, LTN now offers broadcast-quality video transmission with less than 50 milliseconds of delay to customers located anywhere throughout Europe.

To achieve this capability, LTN deploys a proprietary global IP network that directs traffic and corrects for packet errors on a lower-level physical network. LTN uses the Internet as its core physical network to provide ubiquitous access.

To ensure high quality, LTN assigns every packet of traffic to a specific flow and each flow is tracked as a unique entity. LTN’s proprietary technology corrects for errors that occur in the physical network by performing rapid error recovery and re-ordering of packets. LTN utilizes multiple networks so that it can redirect flows away from problematic links or nodes.

Malik Khan, LTN’s Executive Chairman, said: “We are pleased to provide the benefits of LTN’s technology to customers located in Europe. After a year of service, LTN’s network has proven to be 99.999% reliable. We look forward to delivering high quality and low cost video transport service to the largest video market in the world.”

For a demo of LTN’s technology, see www.LTNglobal.com.


LTN was founded in 2007 with the vision to transform the video transport industry. The co-founders’ challenge was to solve the quality and reliability issues that impede professional quality video delivery over the Internet. Today, LTN’s SmartCloud service is the media industry’s catalyst for change. LTN’s SmartCloud network is a global chain of “super-nodes” located in major cities around the world, connected by multi-gigabit per second IP links from Tier 1 carriers. This network allows SmartCloud service to deliver flawless quality, 5 9’s reliability, and secure video transport from anywhere in the world to multiple destinations anywhere else in the world instantaneously. Customers connect to LTN’s SmartCloud via a broadband Internet connection. www.LTNGlobal.com