SRT capabilities take LTN Live Video Cloud’s agility to the next level

January 5, 2021

The broadcast industry is changing quickly. With the demand for live content rising, media organizations require innovative and reliable production and transmission solutions. Remote production and live content distribution capabilities have become mission-critical, showcasing the potential of IP and cloud-based workflows.

We’re announcing the integration of Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) into Live Video Cloud (LVC), our high-capacity live video management solution. This update enables complex and rich live video workflows for transmission and distribution. SRT is applied to contribution and distribution endpoints as part of a video stream workflow to optimize streaming performance and deliver the best quality and lowest latency video at all times.

With the SRT upgrade, our customers can benefit from:

  • Rich metadata and lower latency by leveraging MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) as LVC’s internal protocol. The delivery of extensive information about the context, quality, and characteristics of the data simplifies localization in real time without being affected by latency. This feature opens up several live streaming use cases for broadcasters as well as sports and news organizations worldwide.
  • An agnostic platform that is adaptable to most hardware and software providers’ bidirectional streams with the support of SRT Caller and Listener modes. The SRT support simplifies the distribution of complex workflows and allows customers to leverage this capability for multiple use cases.
  • Flexible and innovative production workflows, from ingestion to distribution and transmission, by integrating LVC with the LTN Transport solution portfolio. The 2021 upgrade roadmap will see customers accessing LVC and LTN Transport via a unified User Interface (UI) portal behind the same login.

LVC also offers additional enhancements in the following areas:

  • API support: LVC provides an extensive API that includes all functions found in the user interface. This upgrade enables customers to integrate LVC with other broadcast equipment and benefit from automated and customized workflows.
  • Input and output health monitoring: The UI visualizes feed health better, making monitoring at a glance a reality.
  • Enhanced status information: LVC’s ability to monitor parameters of incoming and outgoing video streams is optimized, providing a more comprehensive view of system usage and detailed metrics for every stream.
  • Updated stream tag SDKs: This feature enables customers to leverage LVC as a white-label solution and own the participant integration workflow when using WebRTC. Customers can personalize the login experience by adding their branding to the login landing page.

The broadcast industry relies on innovative and reliable cloud-enabled end-to-end workflow solutions, deployable at scale. The SRT feature updates enhance LVC’s native flexibility, making it the most agile solution in the market.

Regardless of individual requirements, customers can plug LVC into their existing content exchange workflows and benefit from a single agnostic platform for any content format. LVC will allow media organizations and content owners to increase ROI and revenue by expanding into new market segments. Together with our customers, we’re excited to be shaping the future of the broadcast industry.