Delivering operational excellence in a fast-paced media ecosystem

November 30, 2022 by Catherine Gonzalez Pack, SVP, Operations

As a technology partner in a rapidly evolving industry, we are responsible for fueling some of the most creative minds in media and empowering business growth amid a sea of change. Providing the always-on services and solutions organizations rely on to bring over 50,000 hours of content to global audiences daily requires trusted expertise, best in breed technology, and a customer-centric, tailored approach.

At LTN, we believe operational excellence is critical to ensuring our customers deliver their content seamlessly to any destination, anytime. But when the stakes are high, you shouldn’t need heroes. Best-in-class operations is about reliability, agility, and trust.

People power

Despite rapid technology advances, human skillset and deep knowledge remain at the core of operations teams. The best in the broadcasting business need proven operations experts to underpin success. At a company like LTN, the caliber of professionals working behind the scenes is unrivaled, tying together decades of experience through broadcasting roots and the age of new media and software expertise. Media leaders want partners who ‘speak their language.’ Teams that understand where ‘media’ has come from, and where it’s going, are best placed to help customers navigate complexity and unpredictability in today’s market.

Trust is a vital component of operations. Customers need to know they can trust support and incident management teams to always be there when it matters and find resolutions as quickly as possible. While achieving the fastest possible ‘mean time to resolution’ (MTTR) is paramount, harnessing advanced analytics and a transparent approach to identify and prevent future challenges is also a must for establishing an open and trusted operations organization.

Effective operations units need to be constantly evolving with training and development initiatives. But training isn’t just from an internal perspective. Media customers need easy access to tools and a breadth of material to empower self-help and counteract potential issues before they materialize. As a consultative media technology partner, it’s down to companies like LTN to integrate with brands in a way that fits their needs while equipping them with the knowledge and 24/7 support framework to thrive amid any challenge or unforeseen circumstance.

Proven technology foundations

The media industry is shifting toward an IP-first future as organizations migrate away from traditional satellite and fiber-based models. As a result, broadcasters and OTT players of all shapes and sizes are looking for partners with deep expertise who understand how to make this a seamless transformation. LTN’s industry-leading portfolio of media solutions and revolutionary IP transport network is in constant development, keeping customers at the forefront of the race for viewers while ensuring ultra-reliable content delivery and optimal monetization, across any device, platform, or geography.

Building on rock-solid technology foundations with a data-driven strategy allows operational teams to drive innovation in analytics and automation. Deeper analytics enable technology providers to better quantify success, maximizing efficiencies across the content chain while unlocking opportunities for greater automation. Furthermore, providing customers with transparent access to a rich depth of data empowers knowledge sharing to more easily overcome operational challenges while driving agility and establishing a powerful relationship of trust.

A tailored fit

At LTN, we solve big challenges with game-changing solutions and a customer-centric approach with dedicated technical managers and round-the-clock support. Technology partners should collaborate closely with media customers to design solutions that fit seamlessly within existing network environments, supporting diverse transport protocols and adapting to changing requirements. Integrating flexibly as an extension of our customers’ ecosystem and their operations teams, supporting their evolving needs through a hand-picked range of tailored LTN solutions defines our partner-driven approach and fuels greater collaborative innovation. As our organization innovates, we bring our customers along the way.

Creating a fluid vendor-customer relationship in media isn’t just about selling a solution or service, it’s about nurturing a culture of partnership. Instead of a product-first mindset, technology providers need to engage with customers every step of the way to explore pain points and find meaningful, tailored solutions that drive real business impact.

Successful operations in media must be underpinned by futureproof technology, agile teams, and a deep and open knowledge base. Media brands shouldn’t need to fall back on heroes to ‘save the day’. They should be able to trust a seamless extension of their own organization that is ahead of the curve and is in it for the long-run. Operational excellence is rooted in LTN’s DNA, and our industry-leading professionals, data-driven technology innovation, and customer-first approach keep our media partners out in front in a competitive and chaotic industry landscape.