Looking ahead to IBC2023

September 7, 2023 by Brad Wall, CTO

IBC Show is always a fantastic opportunity to connect with our global customers, partners, colleagues, and industry friends. Major events like IBC2023 are the perfect platform to get a sense of the toughest challenges facing media companies, and allows us all to see where the market is heading in the next 12-14 months. LTN will have a strong presence at this year’s show as we continue to expand our presence across European markets, and we’re incredibly excited to showcase our latest solutions and the projects that are helping major media companies tackle their biggest pain points as well as capture new opportunities.

With challenging macro-economic realities for our industry as a whole, plus a number of emerging business models and technologies that have taken the industry by storm in such a short space of time, we’ll have plenty to talk about on the show floor.

IBC2023 will be a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing and there will be a lot of new trends that will dominate the agenda throughout the show.

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Technology shifts driving industry headlines

One of the hottest topics that we can expect to hear about at IBC2023 will be Generative AI (GenAI). Just like in many other industries, there is a lot of buzz around GenAI and how it might change the media and entertainment world. Its rapid evolution over the past year – starting from a place where few people knew what ‘GenAI’ meant – means that we’re really only at the tip of the iceberg and it is likely to be a dominant topic for years to come. I’m particularly interested in hearing about innovations adjacent to GenAI that can help media businesses be more creative and drive viewer engagement. In the sports industry, we’re already seeing organizations integrate AI technologies within live production to add new and captivating dimensions to their coverage. Major sports leagues and federations are innovating with sensors in player uniforms and racecars to maximize real-time data gathering opportunities and deliver next-generation graphics to provide more tailored viewing experiences.

The industry’s shift to IP-based video transport will be front and center at IBC2023, with a particular eye on how content providers can move beyond the limitations of fiber-based contribution and distribution models. Media companies across Europe have embraced traditional fiber-centric footprints for decades, and have a huge opportunity to innovate with more intelligent, cost-effective, and redundant transport mechanisms. LTN enables media companies to make this evolution as seamless as possible through our fully-managed, multicast-enabled IP transmission solution, LTN Wave — underpinned by the LTN Network with ultra-low latency and high SLAs.

Three business trends that will shape IBC2023

Experimentation with new business models continues to dominate the discussions at media industry trade shows. LTN is perfectly placed to help media companies make the most out of new opportunities and changing industry dynamics:

  • Flexibility: With the expansion and emergence of new OTT platforms worldwide, media organizations need flexible means of delivering an ever-growing range of content anywhere and virtually everywhere. While content providers look for ways to bring tailored versions of high value live content to newer digital and FAST platforms, they also need to think creatively about engaging audiences with AVOD/ SVOD experiences, all at compelling cost points. With an increased volume of content and surging audience demand, media organizations are blending live and on demand content more frequently across platforms, and need highly efficient mechanisms to customize and version this content for maximum reach and monetization.

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is more important than ever. Driven by automation, cost-savings is top of mind for every media company as they navigate increasingly challenging market conditions and strive for more bang for their buck. Content owners that successfully streamline processes, simplify workflows, and move beyond legacy technologies will reduce operational complexities while containing growing costs. Once they have integrated these efficiencies and embraced a more future proofed roadmap, organizations will be better equipped to fuel creativity and deliver high-quality, engaging content.

  • Sports rights: This topic continues to be a moving target in a changing landscape with a dramatic reduction in exclusivities, alongside a global expansion in viewership. The sports media market is accelerating the somewhat recent trend of becoming more and more fragmented, as traditional broadcasters and new players like Amazon and Apple compete to secure rights for premier live sports. Amid this constant change, sports teams and leagues have more control than ever before in regards to their content distribution strategies. They are finding new ways to get creative in keeping viewers involved in the action with curated experiences. These include providing on-screen data and analytics to enhance every aspect of the fan experience and drive deeper engagement. The ceiling for experimentation in sports is high, and it’ll be fascinating to see how industry players are taking innovation to new levels at IBC2023.

Harnessing opportunities with a trusted partner

At LTN, we focus on taming the complexities of change. As a technology services provider, we strive to ensure that media companies can unlock a universe of possibilities and connect them everywhere to an ecosystem of transformative, IP-based solutions. We help media organizations embrace and accelerate change in a way that makes the most sense for their business and their audiences.

IBC2023 attendees can learn first-hand how solutions like LTN Wave and LTN Arc empower organizations to future-proof high value content distribution for full-time channels and live events, while growing new monetization streams. We’re excited to meet many of you at the show to explore how we can help your global media business stay ahead of the curve.

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