Transitioning to IP

The evolution of content consumption and the demand for diversified experiences has progressively challenged traditional broadcast models. Success now relies on the opportunities to customize content for various geographies, devices, languages, and cultures. To realize the full revenue potential of high-value content, a growing number of media companies are making the transition to IP — and they’re doing it with LTN.

LTN is guiding customers into the future of advanced video content distribution with fully managed IP-powered solutions that drive efficiency, scale, and reliability. Promising equal or better reliability than traditional satellite or fiber paths, our patented LTN Dynamic Multicarrier Routing (DMR) algorithms and LTN Rapid Error RecoveryTM (RER) protocols enable customer traffic to withstand any carrier failure, congestion, or other network unavailability.

Discover the IP-powered path to more reliable, cost-effective, and revenue-boosting content delivery

Download our white paper “Transitioning to IP” to learn more about:

  • The challenges of traditional content delivery in today’s landscape

  • The opportunities of IP-based terrestrial transmission

  • The problems with use of the public internet

  • LTN’s solutions for overcoming those problems for guaranteed 99.999% reliability