Reaching new audiences: more efficiently, at scale

Today’s news and sports organizations are juggling a mix of unique challenges to meet high demand for live content, reach audiences where they are, and plan for the future of content delivery. The best path forward requires leveraging content developed for linear channels to create new channels for digital platforms, but the means for accomplishing this haven’t always been clear — until now.

LTN Lift is a cloud-based solution that enables automated versioning to reach cross-platform audiences more efficiently and deliver greater monetization. Built to be fully interoperable with existing workflows, Lift doesn’t require CapEx or significant business model changes — it’s a way of doing more with less.

Discover how media companies are using this cloud-based playout solution to automate live and taped content versioning

To make the most of your live content, download our white paper and learn about:

  • Present and future challenges facing media companies

  • Opportunities to simply and quickly automate content versioning

  • Ways to recapture lost audiences and increase monetization