TelevisaUnivision partners with LTN to bring live sports events to 600M global fans

When TelevisaUnivision, the world’s largest Spanish-language media company, launched its global streaming service, ViX, they turned to LTN to break new boundaries in live sports production and distribution to enable streaming at scale that would reach a global audience of 600M. Familiar with the distribution limitations of traditional linear broadcast, TelevisaUnivision put their trust in LTN to develop a digital-first live sports offering that would maximize reach and deepen the engagement of a diverse streaming audience with tailored, culturally relevant content. With the ultra-reliability of the IP multicast LTN Network, highly efficient automation-driven technologies, and the advanced content versioning capabilities of LTN Arc, TelevisaUnivision now distributes customized live sports content at an unprecedented global scale, bringing a better experience to sports fans everywhere.

Discover why leading media companies like TelevisaUnivision trust LTN to drive their future-ready digital strategies

Download the case study and learn how TelevisaUnivision accomplished exactly what they set out to do — and more — with LTN:

  • Reach and engage diverse audiences

  • Deliver culturally relevant content experiences

  • Maximize viewership and monetization

  • Achieve greater flexibility with reduced CapEx