Deutsche Welle | Switching from satellite to IP with ease

When German international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW), began tracking record highs in viewership of their online channels — eclipsing linear for the first time — they knew the moment had come to further embrace the digital shift.

A company with a reputation for being ahead of the curve, DW was ready and well-prepared to move their widely distributed content from satellite and other legacy means to terrestrial IP distribution. But they had a critical requirement: the transition would need the support of reliable multicast management to accommodate distribution to their many global audiences.

As the only true multicast management network in the industry, LTN became the perfect strategic media technology partner for DW. The company now leverages fully managed, highly reliable, low-latency multicast transmission of the LTN Network to manage SRT connections at scale — reaching more audiences than ever.

See how industry leaders like Deutsche Welle harness the LTN Network to seamlessly switch to IP for greater reach and reliability

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