How LTN Wave helped Circle Media pack the house

Circle Media was launching a new digital television network to connect country music and lifestyle audiences around the world. They required a fully managed, value-generating transmission solution to support their network and distribute its 24/7 channel, multicasting live music from venues such as Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, home of the historic Grand Ole Opry.

  • The Circle team aimed to use their new TV network to reach a larger audience in an innovative, engaging way
  • Because satellite was such an expensive initial investment, and didn’t allow the flexibility to scale with industry innovations, the team decided to consider more cost-effective, growth-oriented transport solutions

Taking a future-forward approach

The smarter alternative to traditional distribution

LTN Wave offered a more agile, economical, and full-service alternative to satellite, whose high costs and limited regionalization would have restricted the volume and flexibility of the feeds that could be delivered to viewers.

  • Wave enabled Circle to launch a television network with real-time, always-on monitoring and control, to ensure greater visibility and reliability
  • Circle was now able to focus on delivering their high-quality, linear-video programming to country music fans around the world, with the peace of mind that comes with the fully managed LTN Network

Circle’s customized LTN Wave solution provided:

  • High-availability IP distribution
  • Expert network operations center (NOC) support
  • HD-quality video transport in multiple formats
  • The ability to connect contribution locations for live programming insertions
  • The capabilities to scale, monitor, and control their signals and services as their destinations grow

Why Circle chose LTN Wave

Zero downtime, 99.999% reliability, 100% satisfaction

LTN Wave is built on the backbone of the revolutionary LTN Network. Unlike the limitations of satellite, or the average hardware and software box-to-box solution that simply hopes for the best across the wide-open internet, nothing will get in the way of Circle’s transmission with Wave.

  • LTN Wave’s team of professional broadcast experts and engineers preconfigured the equipment to Circle’s unique specifications
  • After thorough AV and network testing, they deployed a solution with always-on monitoring and NOC support
  • Real-time, decision-making algorithms reroute video to the optimal path, delivering feeds across the lowest latency and highest-quality routes, to avoid points of congestion that reduce transmission quality

A backstage pass to the future

Creating a fast, scalable solution that allows for rapid expansion

LTN installed and deployed Circle’s channel across more than 60 TV stations in the first 60 days, creating a flexible, full-service workflow that allowed for rapid channel expansion and audience growth.

  • Wave’s IP-based video transport helped Circle distribute their daily programming to a monthly digital audience of over 46.6 million country music and lifestyle fans
  • The Grand Ole Opry continued its 4,900+ consecutive broadcast streak, and expanded to a new, younger demographic — 53% of viewers currently fall between the ages of 18–34
  • Within four months, 43% of Circle’s potential audience were aware of the network, 83% of whom had already tuned in
  • Circle’s All-Access Facebook following grew from 10,000 to 134,000
  • 52% of viewers who had never previously visited the Opry say they now intend to do so

Now for the encore

Wave integrates with the LTN Ecosystem to drive value across the video chain

LTN and Circle have big plans for the future with their continued partnership, and Wave is only the beginning. Circle plans to tap into the fully integrated services of the LTN Ecosystem for more flexibility, scalability, and revenue growth.

Future objectives include:

  • Streaming a live feed for meetings with new clients and internal marketing purposes
  • Regionalizing content to help grow in a sustainable, cost-effective way