LTN Live Video Cloud: SWR

Loosening up static workflows

How SWR adjust existing, static signal workflows to ensure future-proof flexibility and scalability.

SWR uses LTN Live Video Cloud to decentralize their signal distribution for publishing on third-party platforms, e.g., Facebook Live and YouTube Live, as well as further usage via on-site decoders.


With an increasing range of live stream capable destinations broadcasters realize the need to adapt. The German public broadcaster SWR in particular faces the challenge to adjust its existing, mostly static signal workflows to more flexible and ad-hoc changeable setups.


A video router in SWR’s production facility in Baden-Baden provides required signals to four on-site event quad-signal encoders via SDI. All SDI-signals are transmitted to two different regional ingest servers via one main and one backup encoder. This setup ensures signal availability and stability in case of an encoder, server or connection outage.

While the actual root encoder setups stay untouched, required signals are routed to 1–2 outputs within the LVC, with each output potentially reaching multiple destinations simultaneously like Facebook Live, YouTube Live as well as on-site decoders in other production facilities. All relevant destinations can be configured, enabled and disabled on the fly and with a browser- based interface without interrupting the delivery of routed signals.


Integrating Live Video Cloud as a routing component for signal distribution allowed SWR to loosen up existing, static signal workflows, decentralize the control over signal publishing and establish a future-proof solution to ensure flexibility, scalability and speed when it comes to adapting to an evolving media landscape.

About SWR

Südwestrundfunk (SWR, “Southwest Broadcasting”) is a regional public broadcasting corporation serving the southwest of Germany. It broadcasts on two regional tv channels and six radio channels. It is the second-largest broadcasting organization in Germany and has an audience reach estimated to be 14.7 million. SWR employs 3,800 staff members and a multitude of freelancers in its various offices and facilities.