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NYSE Uses LTN Network to Improve Media Organizations’ Access to Live News and Floor Activity

COLUMBIA, Md. Feb. 4, 2020 — LTN® Global, the global leader in broadcast-quality IP video transport solutions, is providing transmission services for video covering opening and closing bells, floor activity, and other financial news taking place at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Global broadcasters and business news channels also can book live shots for their reporters on the exchange floor and then use the LTN Portal and LTN Network to route feeds to the appropriate destination for broadcast.

“By working with LTN, we’ve made the NYSE more accessible as a source for highly sought-after financial news content throughout the business world,” said Ian Wolff, manager, Broadcast/AV Services at the NYSE. “LTN’s fully managed network and intuitive client portal make it easy for broadcasters everywhere to book NYSE content and provide it to their viewers.”

LTN gear installed on site supports the multicast of the NYSE channel to any broadcaster across LTN’s worldwide network of media organizations. Broadcasters that cover the activities of the NYSE can simply request LTN through the NYSE master control room and manage IP-based transport of their own live feeds through the LTN Portal.

LTN’s fully managed, IP-based media delivery service offers the NYSE and other customers guaranteed SLAs for high-reliability, low-latency, professional broadcast-quality transmission. The LTN Network is built on thousands of directly connected sites, and it is trusted around the world by major broadcasters, affiliates, and studios for full-time and occasional-use contribution and distribution over linear and digital networks.

“Our unique, patented technology leverages the power and flexibility of IP-based transport to support agile transmission services without sacrificing convenience, quality, or reliability,” said Chris Myers, executive vice president and chief revenue officer at LTN Global. “We’re excited to offer media organizations a new cost-effective transmission solution from such a newsworthy institution as the NYSE.”

For further information about booking live shots and opening and closing bell packages from the NYSE, media outlets should reach out to their dedicated LTN representative or contact LTN at +1 (855) 586-4562 or sales@ltnglobal.com.

Additional information about LTN Global is available at www.ltnglobal.com.

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LTN Global Communications enables world-class content creation, monetization, and distribution through a unified, optimized, and highly automated end-to-end workflow built on its family of industry-best technologies. The company’s modular service offering leverages LTN’s fully managed network for peerless, IP-based live video delivery; Niles Media production services and media processing, backed by a 24/7 network operations center; Crystal technology for control, monitoring, ad insertion, and media transformation; and Make.TV’s scalable, cloud-enabled video production platform for live and real-time video. With these unique technologies and resources, LTN brings its customers greater efficiency, agility, and creativity in delivering more content to more viewers.

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Photo Caption: LTN® Global is providing transmission services for video covering opening and closing bells, floor activity, and other financial news taking place at the New York Stock Exchange.

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