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LTN powers Deutsche Welle’s IP distribution to boost global viewership

Sep 08, 2022

Columbia, MD., September 8th, 2022 — LTN, the industry leader in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, announces today that Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, uses the LTN Transport solution portfolio powered by LTN’s powerful multicast network to reliably transition from satellite to IP and manage Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) connections at scale.

DW offers high-quality journalism in 32 languages worldwide. In 2021, DW reached a new high of 289 million user contacts a week, with online viewership overtaking linear for the first time and digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube becoming the most popular online distribution channels. The broadcaster already utilized several tools, protocols, and workflows to transition from satellite to IP but needed an effective and reliable multicast management solution to help expand its global footprint and reach more destinations and channels worldwide.

DW leverages LTN’s intelligent multicast-enabled, low latency network for both full-time and occasional transport. The LTN Network enables the broadcaster to create scalable, customized, and interoperable workflows that connect with existing hardware and software infrastructure. LTN connectivity capabilities package up popular standards and protocols with LTN connectors. LTN connectors are a forward-looking, open, and agnostic mechanism that allows major industry leaders like DW to harness the benefits of the LTN Network, including unlimited point-to-point and point-to-multipoint destinations.

DW selected LTN Transport as its multicast management network to utilize more complex broadcast workflows through a single platform. Content can be acquired in a single format and subsequently delivered in various formats to platforms and protocols as needed. DW benefits from flexible distribution at a moment’s notice, as LTN’s tech-agnostic solution enables media partners to manage bidirectional streams with multicast capabilities from day one. As a result, DW is able to harness instant operability with existing content exchange workflows and realize the full lifetime value of existing protocols while upgrading to terrestrial IP distribution.

“The LTN Network is a highly reliable, low-latency multicast solution that is superior to satellite and other legacy workflows,” said Chris Myers, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer at LTN. “Traditionally, broadcasters like DW would require a minimum of three satellites to achieve regional coverage. The LTN Network removes the need for satellites enabling media companies to distribute just once to all global points. The LTN Network future-proofs and allows content distributions multiple new pathways for delivery to grow any business strategy.”

“DW is committed to delivering high-quality content to destinations globally,” said Hubert Czaja, Head of Distribution Systems at DW. “As our global footprint expands and consumer habits change, we need to stay ahead of the curve and reach more destinations and platforms worldwide. The LTN Network delivers the reliable, low latency connectivity, scalability, and interoperability we need to drive the future of news broadcasting.”

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