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LTN Global Communications’ IP Transmission Service Utilized by BaylorVision for Distribution of Live Sporting Events

Savage, MD, April 11, 2016 – LTN Global Communications, Inc. (“LTN”), a global leader in fully-managed broadcast quality IP video transport solutions, has been chosen by Baylor University to deliver Baylor’s live sporting events to Fox Sports Southwest.

As part of the Big 12 Conference, Baylor retains the rights to a significant number of non-conference games and Olympic sports. By installing the LTN LEAF, a single integrated unit combining an LTN embedded appliance, encoder and decoder, along with the functionality to transmit and receive live video via LTN’s fully-managed Global IP Network, BaylorVision has been able to expand the number of sporting events delivered to Fox Sports Southwest while lowering their overall expenses.

“We have been using LTN since September of 2015 and the experience has been outstanding. The cost to transmit our games has been reduced by approximately $2,000 per game,” said Jeromy Otter, Director of BaylorVision. “LTN has been a complete game changer for BaylorVision. The quality of the audio and video is much better than our past satellite transmission services; it was a no-brainer for us.”

Baylor’s sporting events are easily scheduled via LTN’s online booking portal and can be transmitted on an occasional-use basis either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint instantaneously to over 1,000 locations worldwide that are currently connected to the LTN Global IP Network. Sports networks such as Time Warner Sports, Fox Sports, Cox Communications, Comcast Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, BeIN Sports, and Altitude Sports, digital networks, news networks, other schools, as well as multiple teleports and switching hubs, are among the receive sites reachable via the LTN network.

“We are excited and pleased to provide Baylor University’s BaylorVision with a cost effective and broadcast quality video transport solution. By connecting to the LTN Global IP Network, Baylor has been able to expand and enhance their brand image by delivering more sports events to wider audiences, at a lower operating cost and capital expenditure,” said Malik Khan, Executive Chairman, LTN Global Communications, Inc.

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LTN Global Communications, Inc. has revolutionized the video transport industry with an innovative, IP-based live video delivery service that meets or exceeds broadcast quality standards. LTN’s service has been widely adopted by major broadcasters, media companies, content creators and owners. LTN’s unique, patented technology was designed to combine the reach and flexibility of the Internet with the quality and reliability of a private network. The network enables live video delivery with consistent low delay and high quality, with 99.999% reliability, on a global scale. For more information, please visit www.LTNGlobal.com.

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