Broadcasters are closing in on digital challengers

January 13, 2022

Closing out 2021, we’re reflecting on the ways we’ve supported our broadcast media partners this year. Among the many client successes, one trend stands out. Unifying and automating processes for managing multiplying content feeds is now central in our work with broadcasters.

LTN® is now an integrated omniplatform solution for an increasing number of industry leaders. The LTN Ecosystem gives our partners a versatile range of technology solutions developed using a common integrated architecture.

Smoothing frictions between existing infrastructure and new technologies is a clear advantage of working with LTN. We are consistently partnering with broadcast partners to create seamless workflows with updated standards and protocols that are flexible enough to incorporate new, innovative technologies that make new business and hybrid models possible.

Faster iteration with exponential gains

This approach enables faster iteration and progress for media companies with less risk — and fewer headaches.

As all broadcasting companies expand their content strategies to include more media, niche programming, and interactive experiences across multiplying channels and outputs, LTN makes it possible for our partners to use targeted advertising to generate new sources of revenue on diverse channels where this simply wasn’t possible before.

The boldest media companies are increasingly willing to explore creative content delivery, leveling the playing field between traditional and digital media companies.

It’s time to step up your digital game

In 2022, we expect to see the competition between industry stalwarts and digital challengers heat up. With infrastructure and system upgrades led by LTN, traditional broadcasters are gaining significant technological advantages over challengers, including mobile editing, addressable advertising, and effortless scalability.

Companies in the digital space like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube were born as web portals, not broadcasters. Although born-digital media companies like these had a noticeable advantage in the early days of online content, they can still benefit from LTN’s media expertise and content production capacity to compete with digital-savvy traditional media organizations.

Fast, flexible distribution of your most important assets

In a world where premium content is the major driver of growth and market share, broadcasters already have the real advantage: world-class creators producing must-see media.

Freed from the constraints of legacy infrastructure, our partners are creating new business models using third-party portals — or even building their own portal — for distribution and improved ad targeting for generating revenue.

With LTN, our media partners gain fast, flexible distribution workflows with more control and more opportunities for monetization.

Explore new markets with a global reach

In this era of broadcasting, there are no limits to the market potential. Media companies are now empowered to easily distribute their content for a global audience.

Partnering with us gives media clients more operational efficiency by streamlining technology updates through a provider. Centralizing this work cuts out reliance on third-parties and delegates updates and maintenance to our experienced, industry-leading engineers.

Gain greater efficiency and scale with the capacity to reach audiences around the world on the 99.999% reliable LTN Network. Our partners are free to do what they do best — creating top-shelf, must-see content that drives their business forward — thanks to the customized, highly supported solutions they get from LTN.

Take the lead over digital in 2022

New revenue streams and fast-growing channels of new content are creating more competition in digital media than ever before. Partnering with LTN gives you the tools to edge out upstarts with tact and efficiency.

There’s never been a better time to invest in distribution and help your organization reach its full potential.

Let’s get started.