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IBC Show

September 15–18, 2023
RAI Amsterdam

Join us at IBC this year and discover how a partnership with LTN can power your digital growth strategy. Do more and reach further with your content, with an intelligent IP network and industry-leading solutions that drive greater flexibility, efficiency, and scale.

Reach new micro-markets more efficiently

Reach new micro-markets more efficiently

By moving to a fully managed IP-powered network, where versioning happens inside the cloud, media companies can reach more market segments and address specific needs through intelligent routing and workflows.

Reduce CapEx by up to 3x

Our automated metadata and data-driven solutions help our customers deliver the correct version to the right market segments for less, reducing CapEx and giving more flexibility to rights holders.

Reduce CapEx by up to 3x
Minimize your carbon footprint

Minimize your carbon footprint

Our cloud-based network minimizes the need to purchase, ship, or maintain equipment. Plus, every LTN solution is fully interoperable with existing technologies and hardware.

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LTN Wave

The smarter alternative to fiber and satellite

Operating on the industry’s only fully monitored and managed global network, Wave makes the move to IP seamless. It’s the flexible, 99.999% reliable IP distribution solution that delivers unlimited scalability and monetization for multicast transmission. Wave monitors every element of the live video transmission path via an always-on technical operations center, and delivers policy-driven workflows like custom ad profiles, content replacement, and blackouts.

LTN Wave


Digital versioning for large-scale events

Arc handles every aspect of large-scale event versioning so you can easily publish content across every platform. It offers a simple way for sports and news broadcasters to repurpose and customize existing live event programming to reach more viewers and grow revenue from every production. Along with large-scale ingest, aggregation, normalization, and monitoring, Arc offers delivery to downstream services, custom decoration, and optional add-ons like voice-over and active video clipping.

Future-proof your organization with LTN

All LTN solutions are fully managed and fully supported by sophisticated technology and a local team of experts to help our customers future-proof their organizations and guide them through their journey to sustainable efficiency, reach, and revenue. Schedule a meeting with us, or visit our booth at IBC to learn more.