The LTN FlyPack

Conveniently packaged solution for broadcast quality live video transport from any location


The LTN FlyPack enables professional broadcasters to deliver live events easily and conveniently. The FlyPack provides the power of a satellite truck at any location globally, enabling professional quality, high bitrate video transport at significant cost savings.

 LTN’s integrated FlyPack is a complete solution enabling  a range of capabilities:

  • Transport live video to TV networks, cable head-ends, TV stations, satellite uplinks, or web streaming CDNs
  • Distribute an event to several venues (e.g. to a number of conference facilities)
  • Customizable to various levels from a single SD channel to multiple HD signals simultaneously


Solution DetailsThe LTN FlyPack

  • Pre assembled and easy to transport in rolling case 
  • Quick set up
  • Fully supported 24×7
  • Global reach
  • Supports any bit rate
  • Over 99.999% reliability
  • Managed, monitored, and secure
  • Each transport is tracked from source to destinations
  • Full redundancy available


Technical Requirements for the LTN FlyPack

Installation and activation of the LTN appliance requires:

  • Power supply.
  • Network access: The Internet bandwidth should be sufficient to support your planned channels.

The FlyPack is customized to include the needed encoders, decoders and desired redundancy.