SmartCloud Occasional-Use Service

Fully Reliable,  Efficient, and Cost Effective


LTN has created a unique service that is tailored to the needs and requirements of occasional use. SmartCloud Occasional Use Service utilizes the uncompromising quality and global reach of the LTN network to deliver breaking news, commentary, sports events and special productions flexibly, on demand, at significant cost savings.

Convenient and Immediate Online Scheduling

The key to the service is the SmartCloud scheduling system. The innovative, web-based scheduling interface puts the customer in control by enabling instant scheduling. Simply schedule the event and it is immediately ready to be sent from the source to the desired destinations, either immediately, or at a future appointed time. There is no need to call, email or wait for confirmation – the system provides feedback in real-time. Furthermore, the scheduling interface easily allows for extending the duration of any event. The scheduling system also makes the status and history of each scheduled event available for review. 

The SmartCloud scheduling interface is the studio’s gateway to the LTN ecosystem. connecting  studios to broadcast networks and other potential recipients of content on the SmartCloud.

Customer Traffic Monitoring

A web based real-time monitoring tool displays the status of every one of the sources and channels available to the customer, and provides a detailed report on each video flow in both graphic  and table views.  

24×7 support

LTN’s dedicated customer support is available 24×7 to help with scheduling, answer questions and address any issues.