SmartCloud Live Video Delivery Service

Empowering Professional Broadcasters with the Power of the Cloud

The LTN Global SmartCloud service enables professional broadcasters to deliver live video content globally and cost effectively. LTN’s SmartCloud utilizes a highly redundant and controlled network, designed specifically to provide a virtually instantaneous live experience from any place to any number of locations around the world. LTN’s SmartCloud provides a unique service that meets stringent performance standards while empowering customers to be more productive, innovative and cost efficient.

Deliver Live Content Affordably and Flexibly

There is an increased expectation from a global audience for content tailored to their needs, delivered flawlessly and instantaneously. With LTN’s SmartCloud service, you can multicast multiple live or pre-recorded video streams to your target markets with unprecedented quality, agility and affordability.

Reach a Wider Global Audience

Whether you want to get the latest breaking news story from the Middle East or deliver your content to an affiliate in Boston or Beijing, your contribution or distribution business model goes global with LTN’s SmartCloud service. You can source or deliver content virtually anywhere in the world through an Internet connection with uncompromising quality, reliability and security.

Flawless and Reliable Service

LTN’s SmartCloud eliminates the unpredictability of the Internet by creating a highly redundant and controlled network that delivers 5 9′s reliability end-to-end. In addition, the SmartCloud is designed specifically to provide a virtually instantaneous, full live experience from any place to multiple places around the world.

LTN SmartCloud Difference – Delivering More for Less

LTN matches the reliability, quality and performance of satellite, lease-line and fiber video delivery services. In addition, it provides the cost benefits and agility associated with the Internet. Compare and see why we are your best solution.