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Newstechforum 2017
By Glen Dickson 
TVNewsCheck, December 13, 2017 1:12 PM EST 

While the pace of technology change in television news has been dizzying over the past decade, broadcasters’ shift to Internet-based tools is still in its early days, according to top engineers speaking at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTECHForum in New York on Tuesday.

During the panel discussion “Tech Leaders on the Future of Newsroom Technology”, moderated by G.A.P. Media Group CEO and former Fox technology exec Andrea Berry, representatives from the broadcast and vendor communities described how IP delivery, cloud-based workflows and powerful media asset management systems will make it easier for broadcasters to capture, share and distribute news content.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be in this business than today, ever,” said Del Parks, SVP-CTO of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Sinclair has embarked on two major initiatives based on cloud technology. One is an enterprise-wide deal with Avid Technology for cloud-based editing and content management systems across its 65 news-producing stations. In addition to eventually standardizing editing platforms across Sinclair, which has been on an acquisition spree in recent years, the long-term Avid deal will also implement a content management system that will store proxy versions of each station’s stories in the cloud to facilitate easy sharing amongst the group.

Sinclair is about two-thirds of the way to completion in converting to the Avid software systems, which run in a virtualized environment at each station on common off-the-shelf IT hardware. Parks said the next step is to develop a media asset management (MAM) system that will better help Sinclair share content among stations. The group shares about 500 stories per week, through a mix of FTP (file transfer protocol), Avid systems and a Masstech product.

Sinclair also chose a fully cloud-based system to launch its “KidsClick” daily children’s programming block last July, eschewing traditional playout gear for Imagine Communications software running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, with LTN Global Communications providing IP delivery to stations. Sinclair had already been using LTN’s network to deliver its digital subchannels Charge!, TBD and Comet.

“KidsClick is all IP,” said Parks. “The only time it goes to HD-SDI is at the TV station, because the encoders take HD/SDI in.”

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Sinclair Plunges Into Cloud-Based Playout

TVNewsCheck, November 9, 2017 11:38 AM EST 

Is virtual playout from a public cloud an economical and reliable option for broadcasting master control?

Sinclair Broadcast Group is aiming to find out.

Earlier this month, 51 Sinclair stations began using cloud-based playout to broadcast each morning a three-hour block of children’s programming with a full commercial load. The stations aired one of four time-zone feeds. (Some 70 other stations receive the block as part of Tribune-MGM’s This TV.)

For the pioneering project, Microsoft Azure is the supplying the cloud; Imagine Communications, the software; and LTN Global Communications, the high-speed downstream link to the stations.

So far, so good, says Del Parks, chief technology officer at Sinclair. “It’s been pretty bulletproof. It’s providing us with an opportunity to experience the system and work through some of its idiosyncrasies.”

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LTN announces Broadcast Quality Video Transport for Cloud Playout and Video Processing

SAVAGE, MD–(Marketwired – April 20, 2017) – LTN Global Communications, Inc. (“LTN”), the global leader in broadcast quality IP video transport solutions, has extended their fully managed transport service into the cloud.

Since 2008, LTN has offered a managed IP video transport service with SLA’s. LTN continues to substantially increase the functionality of its on-premise appliance and has added more robust features such as support for closed captioning, SCTE ad trigger pass-through, and additional audio channels. LTN has also created data center “cross connect” accessibility in major interconnection hubs. Additionally, LTN has enabled customers to have direct connections into LTN by opening up client co-location space within the LTN Global Network datacenters. Enabling cloud access was the next logical step.
“LTN now provides a reliable, easy, and cost effective way to contribute and distribute live, linear, broadcast content via the cloud,” said Chris Myers, EVP and Chief Business Development Officer for LTN Global Communications. “By extending our industry-leading IP transport technology into these cloud services, LTN has now made it possible to send the highest quality, lowest latency MPEG transport streams into and out of AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud. This enables our customers to leverage cloud playout and any mission critical broadcast or OTT service in these environments.”

LTN Cloud Access provides direct access to the LTN network through a fully managed service operated by LTN in multiple regions of each cloud provider. All of the available features in an LTN on-premise deployment are supported in the virtual environments including scalable support for many channels in and out of a virtual location, LTN 1+1 redundancy, fully managed reliable MPEG-TS delivery, redundant video handoffs, monitored flows, content protection, security and the same service guarantees you expect from LTN. Customer’s cloud workflows can seamlessly interface with LTN transport to distribute a produced channel out of the cloud for linear broadcast receive sites or to receive a linear channel into the cloud for processing or OTT transcoding or delivery.

LTN has conducted trials and POC projects with several key customers and is announcing production support now for Cloud Access. LTN has worked with its broadcast partners in public broadcasting and virtual playout vendors to demonstrate the ability to playout full linear channels in the cloud and deliver them to traditional broadcast master control facilities for uplink or on-air transmission with all of the flexibility and scale benefits of a cloud environment.
To learn more about LTN and LTN Cloud Access, please visit us at NAB 2017 at our Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel Suite #1430. Meeting and demonstration sessions are being offered from Monday, April 24th through Thursday morning, April 27th. Please use the following link to schedule a meeting: To schedule a demo session, use the following link:

About LTN
LTN Global Communications has revolutionized the video transport industry with an innovative, IP-based live video delivery service that meets or exceeds broadcast quality standards. LTN’s service has been widely adopted by major broadcasters, media companies, content creators and owners. LTN’s unique, patented technology was designed to combine the reach and flexibility of the Internet with the quality and reliability of a private network. The network enables live video delivery with consistent low delay and high quality, with 99.999% reliability, on a global scale. For more information, please visit

LiveU Customers Can Now Harness the Power of the LTN Network


LiveU is the wireless access point to LTN’s global IP video distribution solution



Hackensack, NJ, May 31, 2016 — LiveU is partnering with LTN Global Communications, Inc.

“LTN”, the only fully-managed Global IP Network available for live video transmission, to allow

any global customer the ability to wirelessly deliver broadcast quality, live video to more outlets

than ever before. Now any LiveU customer can harness the powerful LTN Network and extend

the reach of their IP video distribution to access one or more LTN-connected third-party sites

anywhere in the world – seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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LTN Global Communications’ Resilient Network Completes Seven Years of Commercial Operation with Zero Downtime

Savage, MD, May 16, 2016 – LTN Global Communications, Inc. (“LTN”), a global leader in fully-managed broadcast quality IP video transport solutions, is pleased to announce that its core network has recently completed seven years of commercial operation with zero downtime. This extraordinary achievement is a result of LTN’s proprietary and patented technology, resilient network architecture, and dedicated 24/7 support for customers.


LTN’s fully-managed video distribution service guarantees both high reliability and low delay for a broadcast-quality live video flow anywhere in the world. This managed service is delivered over a global multicast backbone network with LTN’s Super Nodes connected via multiple redundant Tier 1 carriers. LTN’s backbone management technology has hundreds of granted patent claims that allow LTN to create an unmatched managed IP network, engineered specifically to eliminate service disruptions, and provide the resiliency and timeliness required for flawless live or real-time video delivery. This uniquely resilient architecture provides LTN with the ability to tightly monitor and control the path of video flows on the network, select optimal paths for the flows, immediately react to any changes, and instantly address problems in the network.

“LTN’s resilient backbone architecture and dynamic rerouting algorithms allow us to offer a high-availability service at all times, even when one or more of the underlying physical network carriers may be suffering performance or availability issues. Our customers have an expectation of high reliability and low latency from LTN, and we pride ourselves on continuing to meet that expectation, even as we have grown our network by 10x over the last three years to accommodate our customers’ traffic,” said Malik Khan, Executive Chairman, LTN Global Communications, Inc.

“LTN has allowed us to rapidly distribute a number of full-time networks reliably while controlling our operating cost and allowing increased connectivity not only between Sinclair locales but our media partners as well,” said Delbert Parks III, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Sinclair Broadcasting.

LTN’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors each customer flow uniquely, and proactively manages events and alarms on customers’ behalf to ensure a flawless service delivery. As a result, the LTN Network provides an unparalleled quality of service, and can overcome failures that render other networks unusable.


 “LTN’s NOC consists of a team of well-trained and highly skilled engineers that understand LTN’s backbone network. We have full confidence in the reliability of LTN’s Network for distribution of our full-time channels,” said Jeff Lilly, Chief Information Officer, Lilly Broadcasting.

Harness the power of LTN’s fully-managed Global IP Backbone Network for delivery of your full-time or occasional-use live video feeds.  To learn more about the reliability, stability and resilience of the LTN Network visit

About LTN

LTN Global Communications has revolutionized the video transport industry with an innovative, IP-based live video delivery service that meets or exceeds broadcast quality standards.  LTN’s service has been widely adopted by major broadcasters, media companies, content creators and owners. LTN’s unique, patented technology was designed to combine the reach and flexibility of the Internet with the quality and reliability of a private network. The Network enables live video delivery with consistent low delay and high quality, with 99.999% reliability, on a global scale.