About LTN

LTN was founded in 2007 with the vision to transform the video transport industry. The co-founders’ challenge was to solve the quality and reliability issues that impede professional quality video delivery over the Internet. Today, LTN’s SmartCloud service is the media industry’s catalyst for change.

LTN is uniquely positioned to  provide a next-generation IP-based video transport solution that offers the best of both worlds – uncompromising quality and reliability with unparalleled flexibility and excellent economics. LTN’s network is currently used by the world’s largest TV networks  for both contribution and distribution, and for both occasional use and full-time services.

While LTN’s patent-pending technology meets and exceeds the stringent standards for reliability,  quality and performance, our team is dedicated to making our customers’ transition to IP connectivity easy, smooth and trouble-free.  Moreover, our unwavering commitment as a SmartCloud service is to continue to add new features, empowering our customers to be more productive, innovative and cost efficient.